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Sci-Fi Film Provokes Thought but Lacks Closure

March 22, 2018 0

By Billy Jepma ’18 Entertainment Columnist Alex Garland’s newest science fiction film is a mind bending, slow burn thriller that, while sporting more than its fair share of existential dread, is less a horror movie […]

Disney Adapt Wrinkles Acclaimed Material

March 22, 2018 0

By Billy Jepma ’18 Entertainment Columnist When talking about influential childhood storytellers, it rarely takes long for Madeline L’Engle’s name to come into the conversation. She is a master of fantasy, and one of the […]

Gordon + Offers Savings On Graduate Degrees

March 22, 2018 0

By Taylor Bradford ’19 Contributor As undergraduate students look to their final semester of college, finding ways to maximize those last four months can be intimidating. Acknowledging this daunting task, Gordon College has created a […]

Alumni Oncologist Speaks on Suffering and Love

March 22, 2018 0

By Collin Hall ’21 News Editor Ken Bishop, an Oncologist from Marlborough Massachusetts, gave his fourth and final lecture this past March 5, 2018. He finished his time here at Gordon with a deeply personal […]

Jenks Hosts Displaced DVDs from Prep School

March 22, 2018 0

By Vicki Franks ’20 Arts & Life Editor Thanks to a collaboration with Phillips Academy, a private school in Andover, Massachusetts, around 2,800 DVDs were added to the collection in Jenks Library. Before this addition, […]

CEO Extols Faithfulness in Political Engagement

March 22, 2018 0

By Hannah Deanne ’20 Staff Reporter Stephanie Summers, CEO of the Center of Public Justice, visited Gordon College on March 2, 2018 to speak on political opportunities through a Godly point of view. Christians hear […]

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