May 29, 2024

Food Columnist – Immersive Eating at La Victoria’s

La Victoria meal. Photo by Zachary Daly.

By Zachary Daly ’18
Food Columnist

Save cash and let calories be your vehicle for transportation this spring. The ability to traverse the globe is a gift, a privilege and often inaccessible to the college budget.

Though many still associate Spring Break with the mass exodus of college students hopping on planes to experience the warmth and freedom of exotic locations: the coast of Florida, Atlantis, Cabo, and Cancun.

Yet for me and many of those that I know, this spring break was a time of deep financial reflection. The days of student loan debt funding our perception of being upper middle class is coming to an end. In reality seniors graduating in May, will begin making loan payments in November. To honor that tragedy this column will focus on my favorite budget hack and often the drug of choice for the lower middle class- F.O.O.D.

Instead of salt in the eyes and sand on your thighs get some salt on those fries and fat on your thighs.

Not enough money in your bank account for that $250 dollar plane ticket to Cancun? No worries! All you need is an Arthur fist of singles and functional taste buds to travel the world.  

My location of choice, Mexico, is basic but still enjoyable.

How you ask? I will answer with where.

I went to Cabot—no, not Cabo—this is a street in Beverly. Here you can find La Victoria, a portal to Mexico. This local gem serves the community Mexican street food, and is decorated with murals on the wall of Luchadores. Look this word up and discover where Nacho Libre gets its name from. The whole place is vibrant with life, and I have never walked in and seen the place empty. To be brutally honest you may be experiencing more Mexican culture than your friends with their feet in the sand and toes in the water.

At La Victoria, I always suggest a newcomer to order the Plato Burrito Bowl. The dish is wonderful. The plate overflows with your choice of protein, Mexican rice, black beans, sour cream, and some beautiful pico de gallo.

One bite and you will not be able to stop. My favorite part of the meal is the green sauce on top, make sure to give that sauce the attention it deserves.      

Also if your budget allows you to look beyond the free cup of water that establishments are required to give out by law, I highly encourage you to splurge and order a horchata. For those that do not know, it is an amazing drink made from rice, with a little bit of vanilla and cinnamon.

La Victoria was the first place that I got this drink and I have not looked back since.       

I implore you to look deeper into the history and culture of the food you eat. Do not simply consume calories, but instead eat at a higher level. Enter into a culture, a conversation and let food open doors to travel opportunities in your own backyard.

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