April 2, 2020

A QuaranTyne Diary

March 30, 2020 0

So far, my quarantine has been relatively tranquil. I can’t at all complain, knowing how bad things could have been. Almost two weeks ago, I was getting ready to leave Morocco. After a truly memorable […]

New Film Club Gets Good Start

March 27, 2020 0

This semester, Gordon welcomes the newly-chartered Film Club, led by film aficionados Elise Losardo, ’22, Rachel Baldigo “20 and Bailey Diamondidas, “20. “It was mostly my dad that got me into movies,” says Losardo. “He […]

Metal Straws For All

March 27, 2020 0

On Wednesday, February 26th, GCSA held an event in Chesters open to the student body in which metal straws were handed out. The event gave students mason jars and had hydroflasks as prizes for winning […]

Is Non-Verbal Thinking Real?

March 27, 2020 0

Twitter user @KylePlantEmoji wrote on Jan 27, 2020: “Fun fact: some people have an internal narrative and some don’t. As in, some people’s thoughts are like sentences they “hear”, and some people just have abstract […]

Getting to Know the Bistro Baristas

March 27, 2020 0

You rely on them for your daily caffeine IV. Without them, your between-classes chocolate croissant wouldn’t even exist. Who are these khaki-clad, pony-tailed superheroes? Here’s a bit about the Bistro Baristas who so kindly provide […]

Exhibit: Was God Dead?

March 19, 2020 0

As of January 25th, a new display was set up in the gallery at Barrington Center for the Arts. The gallery is now filled until March 6th with “Biblical Imagination in German Expressionist Prints” from […]

Nearly Sold Out Titanic Musical Draws Crowds

March 19, 2020 0

         The Titanic may have sunk, but Titanic the Musical rises. This theater production has heart, which is due to the dynamic performances from the talented cast. We all know the story of the Titanic, […]

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