September 19, 2019

Sweaty-Tooth Madmen Place 1st in Boston Improv

April 10, 2019 0

The Sweaty-Toothed Madmen’s recent exceptional performance in a local short-form competition earned them a first place title. Banding together yet again, the group attended the 15th Annual College Comedy Festival and Beanpot Competition in Cambridge […]

Beloved Lane Employee Shares Her Secrets to Life

March 6, 2019 0

Unless you’re new this year, you probably remember the iconic, ever-friendly Vilma. If this is your first year at Gordon, consider this an introduction to the former queen of Lane, Vilma Giniotas. Known for her […]

Chapbook Takes a Stand

March 6, 2019 0

Campus discussions about a diverse set of issues, from racism to climate change, flourish here at Gordon. In this dialectic context, the Idiom released its 2019 Chapbook with a February 27th reading at Chester’s Place. […]

Globes Celebrates Gordon’s Student Filmmakers

March 6, 2019 0

An event known for its class and creativity, the 2019 Gordon Globes did not disappoint. On February 22nd, hundreds of beautifully dressed students gathered in the Chapel to celebrate and appreciate the artistic talents of […]

Ranking Gen 8 Starters

February 28, 2019 0

Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble? A question as old as time. Well, as old as last Wednesday, February 27th when The Pokemon Company descended from on high to deliver unto us three questionable new starters for […]

Red Dead Redemption II and the Decay of the South

February 14, 2019 0

Collin Hall (‘21, Editor-in-Chief) I grew up hearing family stories about Louisiana’s once-untamed beauty and its inhabitants, people whose intimacy with nature surpasses mine by a mile. My great-great-grandfather, as the story goes, moved out […]

Silent Sky Honors Woman Astronomer

December 15, 2018 0

By Cat Pastoor  (‘21) This past November, Gordon College’s theater department produced Silent Sky, written by Lauren Gunderson. The play is based on the life and work of Henrietta Swan Leavitt, who discovered the period luminosity […]

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