May 29, 2024

Director’s Cut Showcase All Globes Submissions

Courtesy of Sarah Welch.

By Vicki Franks ’20
Arts & Life Editor

CEC’s Director’s Cut event showcased all of the videos submitted to Gordon Globes at full length in Gregory Auditorium on Feb. 27.

The viewing began with a lighthearted introduction from the hosts of the evening, Davis Modarelli (‘19) and Levi Bushnell (‘18). The atmosphere was informal and a little goofy- a welcome change of pace on a Tuesday night the week before midterm exams.

“This has been the traditional model of the event,” said Modarelli, CEC Crew Coordinator.

“The only reason that CEC had to show the full films at the 2016 and 2017 Gordon Globes was because there had not been enough film submissions over the past two years.” He explained.

Modarelli went on to say, “Gordon Globes has traditionally been an awards show and only devolved into a film festival to fill time in the last two years.”

While there has been some resistance from the student body towards showing only the winners in full length, the 30 second clips are traditional to the event. The last two years have been an anomaly.

The Director’s Cut event is also part of the Globes tradition.

“This event is typically run by the Film Society and called ‘B-Side’ referencing the second side of a tape.” Modarelli explained.

Although the Film Society originally agreed to host the event, they were unable to due to scheduling conflicts.

Emily Bianchine (‘19) brought a posse of girls from her floor to see her videos that were not fully shown at Globes. Bianchine was the editor of “The Lettuce Club,” “Dear Partick,” “Your Voice” and “We are Number One.” The videos “Your Voice” and “We are Number One” were her original ideas.

“I made my videos with the audience in mind,” said Bianchine. “I’ve always liked making videos, and so I really want to share the stuff I make with people. I love being able to […] normally share stuff on YouTube, and Globes was a chance to have the campus see the stuff I’ve done.”

While thankful for the opportunity to show all of her films in length at this event, Bianchine expressed that she felt the event was at a difficult time for many students to attend.

“I didn’t enter Globes like I need to win this,” Bianchine added. “If it [won] that would’ve been nice, but I just want people to see the videos… When they said that only the winners were going to be shown, then that changed everything.”

To Bianchine, Globes became more competitive in a negative way.

While reverting Gordon Globes back to its original award show structure has brought push-back from some, the separate event to showcase all films in their entirety allowed filmmakers to present and celebrate their work with the Gordon public.

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