July 21, 2024

Metzger on Why You Should Vote in GCSA Election

Davis Metzger, President of Gordon College Student Association. Photo by Mark Spooner.

By Davis Metzger ’19

It’s that time of year again: GCSA elections. No doubt many of you have seen the posters and various campaign paraphernalia around campus. I would like to make a brief case as to why you should vote in these elections.

First of all, this year the elections are hotly contested. There are more contested races this year than there have been in any year in recent memory. I’m encouraged to see this, and it means that your vote (especially on a campus our size) really does make a difference in determining the outcome.

Secondly, the Student Government of the GCSA has extraordinary influence and impact on Gordon’s campus. I have had the pleasure of spending time with the Student Body Presidents of some of our sister schools and I must say that Gordon gives its student government considerably more power and responsibility than other schools.

We have one of the largest per capita budgets in the CCCU and by far the most responsibility. Having been in the student government here for three years (and having led it this year) I can say with confidence that whoever takes office in the fall will have a palpable impact on campus. After all, you each pay the GCSA $91 per semester to run all of the things that we do, you have a vested interest in deciding how and by whom that money is spent.

Thirdly there is something to be said for the good civic practice voting provides. Most humans in most places in most parts of history have not enjoyed the privilege of voting on how their lives are governed. I am not under any illusions that voting in GCSA elections is as important as voting for your federal and state officials. But even in those highly important governmental elections, the voting rate in the county is abysmal: typically around 30 percent for federal elections and much lower than that for state and local elections. Let’s see if Gordon can beat that.

Finally, there is an oft quoted phrase “if you don’t vote you can’t complain”. I think this phrase is at least partially misguided, but there is some truth in it. As citizens (so to speak) of this community at Gordon, you all have an opportunity to influence how your voice is represented to the faculty and staff of the college.

You should at all times feel free to reach out to you student government officials and lobby them for attention on issues that you feel are important. My inbox can attest first hand that Gordon students are willing to express their grievances (and joys) with whatever it is that’s happening on campus. And, that is wonderful.

I can testify that the students of this campus are highly motivated to speak up if and when something needs the attention of the student government. That speaking up begins now, in choosing who it is that will replace this year’s government.

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