February 25, 2024

Lives Worth Eating – Tatte

Courtesy of Talita Elizeu

By: Talita Elizeu ‘17

Food Columnist

Essential to my approach of food are shared moments of appreciation of meals, all in hopes of building trust and friendship. So, you can only imagine how devastated I was when I realized that I had betrayed you, devoted Lives Worth Eaters. I work in Harvard Square, and frequently walk by an expensive looking café, Tatte. After resisting temptation for three weeks, I caved – and didn’t take pictures at first.

Sabine. Photo by Talita Elizeu

I ordered the Sabine, a cold vegetarian sandwich that I thought would be only decent. It had hard boiled egg, tahini, cucumber, and roasted eggplant. When I bit into the sandwich, I looked up from my sandwich to see if others were having the same experience. They didn’t look nearly as ecstatic as I was. I continued eating my sandwich because I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin this moment. The cucumber was so crisp, paired perfectly with the seasoned roasted eggplant, brought together by a house made tahini with scallions and the creamy boiled egg yolks. For those who are afraid that the animals will eat you back if you don’t get to them first, Tatte has plenty of delicious looking meatier dishes, served with crispy bacon, meatballs, and other mouth-watering options.

Chocolate cookie sandwich with sweet sesame filling. Photo by Talita Elizeu.

As recommended by the cashier, I also ordered a chocolate cookie sandwich with a sweet sesame filling. It was an astonishing experience and the best part of my meal. The dark chocolate cookie, studded with chocolate nibs, was dense and rich with a touch of the sweet spice of cinnamon. The filling was creamy and smooth, the cookie to cream ratio perfected. The dessert wasn’t overly sweet, allowing you to savor the different tastes in the cookie without the sugary burn, but still satisfying your sweet tooth. I recommend pairing this with their regular drip coffee, a well-rounded coffee with the amount of boldness designed for eating with a rich, chocolaty, divinely inspired dessert.


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