July 21, 2024

Globes Entertains Filmmakers and Moviegoers

Erdelatz and Solberg. Photo by Micaiah Bushnell

By: Tohko Nohara ‘18

Staff Writer

“You got a chest infection, and I don’t have a dress tonight. You take some medications, Then I will go take deep deep breath…” the Gordon edition of La La Land’s “Someone in the Crowd” launched 2017 Gordon Globes.

Professor Graeme Bird played the piano in the background. The hosts Abigail Erdelatz ’18 and Sam Solberg ’18 walked around the A.J Gordon Chapel, saying, “Someone in the crowd could be the win the prize, someone in the crowd will have a DTR (Defining the relationship) tonight…”

Bistro 255’s Michael McDonald and Tom Haugen also received shout outs, while President D. Michael Lindsay was out of town with the Presidential Fellows in Los Angeles.   

The first Category was Drama presented by Swing Dance Club. The nominee was Baldwin Library by Nathan Burgett.

The next category was “Documentary” presented by the Common Exchange. The Nominees were: Blessed are Those by Corrine Palmer, Mama Josian by Nathan Burgett (winner), Why Gordon by Adam Vigneaux.

One of the co-host Solberg appeared to the scene with short pants to introduce the Short Category, but CEC had to cut it for as the other co-host Abigail Erdelatz said “Gordon students were way too overachieving to make videos of less than three minutes.” Also, the host noted, the Horror Category had to be cut as well

Photos before Globes. Photo by Micaiah Bushnell

The next category “Music Videos” was presented by Natalie Hoey and Emma Hor URC. The Nominees were: Alaska by Courtney MacDougall, Patrick Grace Adam Vigneaux, Missed Calls by Ian McCulloch (Winner).

“Comedy has been making people laugh for the past hundred years,” Erdelatz and Solberg said while wearing in clown costumes. The last category was Comedy presented by the Tartan. This category had the most nominees among four which were: Guys Night by David Peters (Winner), Champion by Jacob Padilla, My Own Skin by Porter Spriggs and Tori Thompson, and Take me to Nick’s by Sam Misarski.

Gordon Globes followed the Admissions’ Office event “Accepted Students’ Day,” as is tradition. Mikhaila Young ’18 said, “It’s very fun. Abigail and Sam singing. I remember that when I visited Gordon as an accepted student four years ago!”She continued, “They are pretty good for student videos. The acting needs to be less awkward sometimes.”

Vice President Dan Tymann awarded the The People’s Choice Award to David Peter’s Guys Night.

The Campus Event Council annually provides a space to celebrate anyone who is involved in filmmaking.

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