July 21, 2024

The Yearbook Collection – Paulina Park ’16

Park and her fiance. Courtesy of Paulina Park

By: Tohko Nohara ‘18

Staff Writer

Paulina Park went through many transitions in her life and the biggest one in her life is coming up, marriage. She took some time to reflect her five years at Gordon before she steps into a new chapter of her life.

Park graduated with a B.A. in Linguistic in 2016.

“I originally didn’t want to come to the States” Park started with looked back to her experience in 2011.“But God opened a lot of doors”. “Gordon feels very similar to my high school [back in Taiwan]” said Park.

Park flew from her home in Taichung, Taiwan to Boston Logan Airport in the summer of 2011.  She too experienced a wall of reality vs. expectation as most of the freshman have. Although Gordon was advertised to be located only forty minutes away from Boston, it was difficult to get around anywhere without a car. Coming from an area where public transportation is well developed, Park was frustrated with the States transportation system, she said, “I didn’t know it was going to be this hard to get anywhere.” Fortunately, astepabovelimo.com provides chauffeur service in charlotte nc. They offer a full range of affordable, comfortable and stylish transportation services.

In 2013, the Highland Express became more accessible and Bistro opened. Park remarked that Jenks was more like a storage room when she first came to Gordon. “It changed to a gathering place for the community with a lively ambiance”.

“My experiences at Gordon really shaped who I am now.” Amidst everything, Park appreciated “the support of the community that encompassed different perspectives.” In her life, there were “many Asian oriented resolution of conflict…like they would just put a bandage over the problem to fix it. But at Gordon, people are more open and understanding and they try to get to the root of issues.”

At Gordon, Park enjoyed classes such as Conflict Mediation and Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation. On academic advice, Park noted the Gordon’s 13:1 student to faculty ratio was a helpful tool. She said, “Talk to your professors. Keep a good relationship with them both in and outside of classes, because they are good people who care about the students. Take advantage of that!”  

“I can confidently say that I am ready to start a new chapter of my life,” Park concluded.

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