July 21, 2024

Mikey’s Roast Beef – Come For Food, Stay For Feel

Photo by Zachary Daly.

By Zachary Daly ’18
Food Columnist

Are you tired of the predictable burger, but still looking for a hearty American serving of beef? I encourage you to look no further than Mikey’s Famous Roast Beef. I recently checked out the place, based on the recommendation of a friend who was interning at the Cummings Center, and was pleasantly surprised.

After pulling into the parking lot, with the aforementioned friend, I was thrilled. Mikey’s has “The Look” inside and out. The look that says- this food is fresh, this food is genuine, and this food will knock your hat off and into that little bit of mayo that got on the table.

When we came in, a wonderful woman greeted us warmly at the counter and we both ordered a junior roast beef sandwich with mayo. After only a few minutes the sandwiches came out. For only five dollars we both had dinner.

To be concise:

The Roast beef was excellent.

The mayo was exquisite.

The buns were soft.

This meal was so good that I threw caution and proper table etiquette to the wind and licked every finger. I was somehow simultaneously left wanting more, while also being satisfied and full.

After loitering for a few moments and enjoying some rest after a long day, my friend, Ankie, and I headed back to our apartment. On the way back I pondered on why I loved that roast beef place so much. There was no flashy interior design, no hype, and not even much of a crowd.

Ultimately I settled on the fact that Mikey’s Roast Beef felt local. Not in the artificially created, hipster coffee shop sense of the word “local”- but in the mom and pop, everyday sense of the word. We were served by one person at the counter. The Olympics was playing on the TV. There was a blue and red neon sign that said Pizza in the window. You know the type of place that you could picture a friend’s mom owning.

I have no real reason for being against franchises, but essentially I have just grown old of the generic “nice” looking chain restaurant. There is something off putting when you step into a Panera Bread while traveling and you realize that “your” Panera Bread back home is nothing out of the ordinary.  I implore you to give restaurants that are not chains a chance. Divest from the monotony and in a world of International Chain Restaurants do yourself a favor and visit Mikey’s Roast Beef in Beverly. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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