November 29, 2020

Kessner’s Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies for 2016

September 23, 2016 0

by Langdon Kessner ‘17 Arts & Life Editor The summer movie season was disappointing to say the least.  It started nicely with Captain America: Civil War, then quickly went downhill with films like Warcraft, X-Men: […]

Lives Worth Eating

September 23, 2016 0

by Talita Elizeu ‘17 Food Critic   After years of entertaining the idea of a career as a chef, many episodes of Chopped, and the encouragement of my friends, I’ve decided to do it – […]

The Notetaker’s Dilemma; To Type or to Write

September 22, 2016 0

  by Veronica Andreades ‘19 Contributor “They must be fish tanks,” I thought as I watched clear boxes slide by on my neighboring classmate’s screen. My attention was distracted from the teacher’s chalkboard scribbles. One […]

Gordon & Democracy

September 22, 2016 0

by Elise Watson ‘17 Contributor As the President of Gordon’s Political Discourse Club, I recently applied for a budget extension from GCSA to partner with an organization that made it easier for students to register […]

Notes From Capitol Hill

September 22, 2016 0

  by Hannah Wardell ‘17 Political Columnist Today is my first day at the American Enterprise Institute as the Values and Capitalism Intern, and I’m on my second bottle of Perrier sparkling water. On my […]

Riding the Bench: The Osweiler Effect

September 22, 2016 0

By Jacob Hevenor ’17 Sports Editor Last season, the Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning’s struggles gave backup QB Brock Osweiler his big break. Osweiler played relatively well and, in the offseason, signed an absolutely huge four-year, […]

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