March 1, 2024

You don’t know Gordon until you know them: Shadrach the CTS Dog

Shadrach the CTS Dog and her boss and owner, Chris Jones. (Photo courtesy of Chris Jones)

This CTS staffer handles the ruff jobs

NAME: Shadrach


NOTABLE FOR: tail wags

By Taylor Bradford

Which staff member can often be found chasing geese around the quad?

Is it Marvin Wilson, Dorothy Boorse or Steven Hunt? Scott Barnett, Michael Lindsay or

Sybil Coleman?

Think again!

The Quad guardian works for the Center for Technology Services (CTS) and has four legs, brown hair and a long tail.

This will be Shadrach’s second year working for CTS and he is beyond excited.

This Australian Labradoodle is informally known as the “CTS Dog” and he spends most of his time wandering around CTS and the Quad hunting what his co-workers call GBT (goose, bacon and tomato sandwiches).

Shadrach warns incoming students about what may be covering the quad as they arrive on to campus.

Per Shadrach, through an interpreter: “On those beautiful fall and spring days, when the temperature is just perfect, there are large white puffy clouds over the quad and you just want to go out and enjoy it….Before you lay down on the Quad, make sure to look, as you may find goose droppings. Shadrach is only one dog, and he does the best he can at keeping the geese away.”

Other than chasing the geese from the Quad, Shadrach enjoys long walks around the Gordon Woods and chasing his tail.

Chris Jones, Shadrach’s owner, attended Gordon as a student from ’95 to ’99. Directly after graduating, Jones was hired by Gordon as a PC hardware specialist. You could say that Jones was CTS, as those services did not exist yet. His job was to fix anything and everything that had to do with computers. He would later become the Director of Technology Support Services, a position he would hold from 2002 to 2010.

Through a series of events and diligent work, Jones would work his way to the position that he holds now as Associate Vice President for Technology and Operations.

His responsibilties include Physical Plant and Campus Police.

Jones has a well-rounded career and continues to pursue new things as he is currently enrolled in the Police Academy. As Jones continues to pursue his passions with

Shadrach by his side, he advises Gordon students to, “Think carefully through your decisions, enjoy every minute of it (even the hard parts) and take advantage of the many opportunities to grow in your faith and ones meant to prepare you for lives of leadership and service throughout your life.”

Both Shadrach and Jones will be taking a sabbatical for the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year as Jones is in the Police Academy.

But don’t worry, Shadrach will return to rid Gordon of all the geese in mid-October.

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