June 18, 2024

Twobly – Basketball’s Humble Servant Leader

Twombly shows her servants heart. Courtesy of Jessica Ryan.

By Jenna Olson ’18

Since her freshman year, Sara Twombly ’18 has faithfully and cheerfully served the Women’s Basketball program all four years. Sara came to Gordon having played soccer in high school, but never basketball. Despite her lack of interaction with basketball beforehand, she quickly got involved with the team and has gone above and beyond in service since then.

Typical manager responsibilities include setting up for practice, filling water bottles, and keeping stats at the games. But Sara is not a typical manager. Sara joins the team for both pre-season and post-season workouts, and supports the team by working out alongside them.

One pre-season, the team was nervous about running timed miles. Sara showed up that morning with a large cardboard sign quoting Isaiah 40:31 to cheer the team on. Her smile, enthusiasm, and energy inspired the team and calmed nerves.

Before every game, Sara shows the team love by sharing a thought from the Bible and then prays over them. Sara is constantly looking for ways she can love and serve the team in any way she can.

Senior, Kristen Smith ‘18, shared one of her favorite memories of Sara. “Freshman year we had an away game and I was stressed out about getting back to campus to study for an exam I had the next morning.” Smith adds, “When we got back to campus I was in my dorm studying, I saw Sara walking toward me with apple juice. Which she knew I loved and craved after every game. This was so meaningful to me and it made me feel so loved and cared for. Sara has a servant heart.”

The entire team is grateful for Sara and the time and energy she has sacrificed the past few years to support the players and the program.

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