May 30, 2024

Humans of Gordon – Family, Faith and Transition

Grecia Beltran. Photo by Singping Tang
Grecia Beltran. Photo by Singping Tang
Grecia Beltran.
Photo by Singping Tang

by Singping Tang ‘20


Humans of Gordon (HuGo), inspired by Humans of New York, was started with a vision that students could read about the lives of other Gordon students and faculty. Everyone has a story to share and a voice to be heard. Humans of Gordon aims to better express the voices of Gordon. I hope you enjoy reading about your peers and give HuGo a like and share on Facebook at:


Grecia Beltran ‘17

“I value my family, the aspect of family. Family doesn’t necessarily have to be blood; you can choose your family in that sense, of your friends. I have a strong sense of that, so I really value family. I value investing time in people. I think that knowing people is knowing aspects of who God is. So in that, I feel like I’ve gotten to know characters, traits of God in my walk with the Lord.


He’s has been challenging me with hope, which is sort of weird. I think in this new season of moving across the country and finding myself in a new world (because it is a new world), I’ve had to learn to hold onto hope and let that be my anchor. And [I can] have faith in that whatever the craziness of my dreams–however big and wild they are–that God is present and he is my hope.


Switchfoot just came out with a new album, and one of the songs is “Hope is the Anthem.” I’ve really resonated with that song, so I think that’s kind of been my mantra these past few weeks: letting hope be the anthem of my soul. It’s been wild to sort of learn hope in a new aspect, of hanging onto that and grabbing hold of that when everything else seems to just wither.”

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