June 18, 2024

Crossword Puzzle (Tartan Edition)

Here are the answers to “February Holidays” Crossword:

6. This Christian holiday is the predecessor to Groundhog Day. (candlemasday)
7 . This co lo r is pro m inent in the celebratio n two February holidays. (red)
8. Best selling flower on Valentine’s Day. (rose)
9. Black History month is observed in February for the birthdays o f Abraham Linco ln and ____. (frederickdouglass)
13. Roman Emperor who banned marriage, leading to the “foundation” of Valentine’s day. (claudiusii)
14. Until the 14th century, this body part was considered thebody’s memorycenter.(heart)
15. This four-legged mammal is the star of his own February holiday. (punxsut awneyphil)
16. This Roman fertility festival is believed to be the predecessor to Valentine’s Day. (lupercalia)
18. This historian created the holiday preceding Black History Month. (cartergwoodson)
19. This little known holiday celebrates the signing of the Thirteenth Amendment.(nationalfreedomday)
20. Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, immediately precedes this ho liday beginning the s eas o n o f Lent. (ashwednesday)

1. Members of this profession receive the most Valentine’s Daycards.(teachers)
2. ________ are community groups who organize Mardi Gras parades, especially in New Orleans. (krewes)
3. The federal go vernm ent reco gniz es this February holidayas _______.(washingtonsbirthday)
4. Headquartered in Revere, this candy company is best known for its “conversation hearts” candy. (necco)
5. After December, this is the most popular month for marriage proposals.(february)
10. This women’s rights activist would have celebrated her 198th birthday on February 15. (susanbanthony) 11. This President signed the act changing the date of the holiday known as President’s Day. (nixon)
12. One country where women give men chocolate on Valentine’s Day, while men gift women in March. (japan) 17. This chocolate company introduced the first Valentine’s Day chocolate box in 1868. (cadbury)


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