June 18, 2024

Committee To Poll Students’ Opinions On Visitation

Visitation Committee meeting. Photo by Owen Haworth.

By Makayela Isbell ’20
Staff Reporter

This fall, GCSA formed an ad hoc  to investigate student sentiment on, surrounding, and towards visitation.

Joe Bandy, chair of the committee, said that GCSA “felt visitation wasn’t where students wanted it.” He added that Student Body President, Davis Metzger, desired to see change with the visitation policy.  

The tentative date for the polling to open is set for October 25th.

Bandy said the committee is still designing the polling process but that is will be accessible for all students. And that there “will be a pizza party to incentivize those who answer the survey.”

The process of selecting students to answer polling questions will be randomized. This will ensure that students maintain anonymity, Bandy said.  

Roughly five-hundred students will be randomly selected to answer the survey questions, and the poll “will provide a more attainable idea of what students want.”

During a GCSA lunch with President Lindsay, Bandy, “brought up the topic of visitation” referring to the upcoming poll.  Bandy told President Lindsay that he “felt students’ sentiments aren’t reflected [in the current policy].”

Rebekah Rodrigues, a voluntary member of the committee, was present when President Lindsay explained what would be needed to change the policy. Rodrigues is currently in the process of partnering with Dr. Melkonian to understand how to “effectively develop questions” for the survey.

When asked about her vision of the committee Rodrigues said that it is “about getting an accurate assessment of how the general population feels about the visitation policy… [but] nothing will happen if [those who have been selected] don’t participate in the survey.”

Members of the committee include Joe Bandy, Porter Sprigg, Matthew Felgate, Rebecca Rodrigues, Sam Toavs, and Vanessa Torres. Committee members were selected either as volunteer representatives or specifically chosen.

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