June 18, 2024

CEC Strives to Rejuvenate Classic Gordon Event

Gordon's Chapel, the long-standing venue of the Gordon Globes. Photo by Nate McReynolds.

By Vicki Franks ’20
Arts & Life Editor

On Feb. 17, Campus Events Council (CEC) is bringing Hollywood to Gordon with the annual Gordon Globes. Each year, students have the opportunity submit their videos to compete for both a trophy and ultimate bragging rights.

Video submissions must be under eight minutes long and comply with other specific guidelines set by CEC to qualify for Globes. Competition is high this year for awards in each of the categories, as well as awards for as best actress, best actor, best cinematographer, and more. The videos are divided into five categories: Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Music Videos, and Shorts.

CEC’s events coordinator, Theresa Lucier (‘19), said that something different this year would be that instead of showing the full length of all the videos in the competition, only the winners will be shown at full-length. Runner-ups will be shown as previews.

Lucier also confirmed that there will be the People’s Choice award again this year. For this award, CEC members will take votes from students in the audience during the Globes to commend the video the audience think is best out of all five categories.

Unlike years past, host candidates auditioned live for the role of emceeing the event instead of sending in a video. On Jan. 29 and Jan. 30, possible hosts had a competition of their own to determine who would fill the shoes of high-energy announcers with great performance chemistry.

Not long after auditions, two juniors were chosen for the roles, Nigesca Maxime (‘19) and Wislene Augustin (‘19).

Each submitted video was pre-screened by CEC during the last weekend in January to ensure that the specific guidelines were met. Once screened and voted on by the council, members of Gordon’s faculty watched and voted on the winning videos.

Lucier also disclosed that, for the first time since 2013, there will be an after party that night after the viewings.

“Like we [CEC] did with Winter Ball, we’re really trying to listen to what students want. And a common area of contention that we’ve noticed is that people get all dressed up and have no place to go as soon as Globes is over.”

She went on to describe a black and gold, classic Hollywood-themed party. Complete with food, a DJ, and lasting until midnight, the after party will cap off night’s Globes events.

As students dust off their formal wear and speculate on winners, CEC continues to prepare for the highly anticipated event.


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