September 25, 2023

Young Black Leadership Summit Experience

Raymond Johnson (21', Contributor)

I was invited to the Turning Point USA’s first ever Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. Upon showing up to the hotel that was paid for by TPUSA, I was greeted by about 6 black youths in the lobby; they all were wearing bright red MAGA hats they wanted signed.

When they realized I was also in DC for the conference, I was invited to join them in walking around the capital; it would be some time until the first event of the summit. During our tour of the Aerospace Smithsonian Museum, they explained the the MAGA hats they had were their personal hats from home, and hopefully that as were in a group it is safe to wear out in public. Nobody would dare try to mess with 6 black people wearing MAGA hats.

Our Summit picture at the MLK monument went viral before we had our first event. The first event was a speech by Donald Trump Jr.,and I finally felt like I wasn’t alone in being a black conservative.

The march to the White House was a highlight of the trip. Not much can actually match being invited to the White House by President Donald Trump. As a very reluctant Trump supporter in 2016, I am now looking forward for Trump 2020. The man has a way with words that entice anybody who will listen to him, and make his enemies destroy themselves.  

Speaking of his enemies, the media is really against him. After leaving the White House, I was called every racist epithet that you could think of by the very people who claim that Trump is a racist. Meanwhile President Trump only called us Americans, not African-Americans, or Black Americans, but simply Americans who want to Make America Great Again. That being said, most of the headlines that came from the meeting is libel against our president and is racist slander against 400 young black conservatives.

The rest of the summit was lively, but how do you compare to the President of the United States? Each speaker of the conference brought their own unique flare for us to not give up the fight. We were even spoken to by a Civil Rights leader who outlined the next steps for freedom.

Because this was a Turning Point USA event, we were very active on social media. With that being said, Kanye West couldn’t make it, but his influence made us want to start a new movement called #Blexit as a means for freedom of thought and freedom from the Leftist choke-hold on Black America.

Racism asiade, this has arguably be the greatest time of my life so far. I met the President and many of the commentators that I listen to. I honestly am truly grateful for the experience.

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