July 21, 2024

The Top Five Reasons For Voting Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Courtesy of DonkeyHotey Creative Commons Flickr
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Courtesy of DonkeyHotey Creative Commons Flickr
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Courtesy of DonkeyHotey Creative Commons Flickr

by Anonymous Student

I am a woman and I am voting for Donald Trump. Shocked? Well, let us keep reading and see if I can make it a bit less shocking. Below, I have broken down the top five reasons for voting for Trump.

  1. Politics are not about personality.

This normally goes without saying. We were never supposed to pick a president based on their personality. The goal, instead, is to look at their policies. I would never deny that Trump’s morals are sorely lacking, and that he has little respect for women in general, but he does have policies that I can endorse.

His views on International relations are solid. He has made points that are valid on these issues, such as: we should not disclose our future military decisions to our enemies, we must negotiate peaceably with our allies, and that we must be seen as a country deserving respect.

His experience in marketing and business overseas will do nothing but aid the country if he is elected. Trump is a man who seeks to get things done and is not afraid to spend his own money doing so. For a good portion of the primaries, while Hillary Clinton raked in money from her speaking ventures, Trump was using his own money to fund his campaign.

And, of course, in response to that age-old question, “How could we vote for his immigration policies? They’re crazy!” I’d like to remind us that he will not be able to pass any of his plans without Congressional approval. If one of his policies seems a bit farfetched, chances are, you will not have to worry about it ever being made into a law.

Overall, his views on policy are things that I, having a background in politics and debate from high school, have looked into and found to my liking. They are conservative, and yet, they cover the bases in such a way that they really could make America great again.

In contrast, I must note that, as a woman, I find it rather offensive on Clinton’s part, to assume that abortion is the highest right that we women are seeking, and also that it is morally sound simply because there is nothing against it in the Constitution. If you are going to support abortion, do not stake its morality on whether or not a law is found in the Constitution. The Constitution was never written to be our moral compass, but rather, a policy-tool for the leaders of our country.

  1. I cannot, in good conscience, vote for a third-party candidate.

The truth is, even a third party candidate, whose policies I supported, is not someone I can vote for. Though I may not agree with everything that Trump stands for, I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton, and mathematically speaking, a vote for third-party will become a vote for Hillary.

  1. We Christians need to keep our voice.

Right now, there are children in schools around our country whose districts have made it an offense for students to join together and pray while at their places of public education. While I can comprehend the plausible need to make school-sponsored prayer a thing of the past, I cannot tolerate the idea of a child, who prays in school, being reprimanded to the point of detention or worse. Let’s not forget that even here at Gordon, the conservative view is not given much clout, but we at least have the freedom to talk about Jesus, and even if we disagree politically, we share that common bond in Christ.

Under Hillary’s leadership, education-decisions will be in the hands of an already nearly-omnipotent government. Parents will have even less say in their children’s education, and churches will most likely lose even more of their exemption statuses in regards to laws such as the bathroom-bills. The scariest factor is that our government is slowly turning into a tyranny.

In 2012, the children in a town right here in Massachusetts were told they’d have no more Christmas vacations. Instead, the vacation week was labeled as “Winter Break.” Though a minor change, it was but one step on the road. Remember the movie, “God’s not dead!”? It’s easy to sit back here at Gordon College and feel like our faith is secure. Here, we aren’t threatened for saying the name of Jesus, but elsewhere that is no longer the case. Just like the professor in the movie was able to control his students to the point that they denied their faith, so also, our country is working towards that end—the loss of our freedoms for the rise of the all-consuming value of, “tolerance.” I stand with Trump because he is not afraid to uphold Christian values, even against the media’s liberal stance.

  1. Gun-Control

Guns are made to be a form of protection, not weapons of mass-destruction. By all means I am saddened immensely by the shootings that have gone on in our country, and I support gun-safety tactics by owners in their homes. However, taking guns off the streets of our cities will do nothing short of pry the defending weapons from the hands of the victims. Conversely, Trump will ensure that our second amendment is not tampered with and that our rights remain intact.


Currently, several re-appointments may be needed for the Supreme Court within the next four years. Now, regardless of what you feel about his morals, I’d much rather have Trump choosing the next candidates for life-terms, than Hillary. If nothing else, Congress will likely screen his choices much more closely, ensuring that we do not end up with anyone crazy on the bench of the highest court of our nation. Hillary Clinton will be appointing Supreme Court Justices with very left-wing policies, such as a strong allowance for abortion, and intolerance for Christian ideals such as traditional family structures, educational choices, and personal-privacy. Trump, meanwhile, has been clear on his stance that he will be appointing Justices with pro-life convictions, and conservative family-values. Even if you don’t agree with these issues on a moral basis, let me point out that his candidates will still, as I said before, be subject to Congressional approval, and in fact will balance out the current status of the Supreme Court, allowing for a more accurate representation of the views of America’s citizenry.

In conclusion, let me just point out that while I certainly do not approve of Trump’s questionably scandalous actions in the past. I see him as a fellow, broken, human being, whose job in leading our country is NOT to be our moral compass. The position of President of the United States is not one that is to say, “Here is the perfect human. Now let’s be like them,” but rather, “He’s broken too, but he has strength in his knowledge of policies and how to deal with people…let’s elect him.”

I am proud to state that on Nov. 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump will be receiving my vote.

Will you give him yours?

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