May 29, 2024

Spring Staple Pieces (For the Girls)

Presley Beal 27'

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The sun is finally starting to shine again so, before you come back to campus from Spring break, make sure you grab your favorite Spring essentials from your closet at home. Stuck on what you might need? From girl to girl, let me give you a Spring Staple piece guide to elevate your looks this season: 

  1. Colorful sneakers 

A colorful pair of sneaks are the perfect piece to pair with a monochromatic outfit. You could have just slipped them on fast to rush to your 8am, but now you’re looking purposely put-together. The Adidas Gazelle’s are a perfect example of this right now: 

  1. Linen pants 

The most chic alternative to sweatpants if you’re not feeling like bumming that day. Pair with sandals and a flowy shirt or a chunky sweater to embrace your coastal Mass side. 

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
  1. A button-up 

Colorful, plain white, your dad’s old one, unbuttoned, buttoned, off the shoulder…the possibilities are endless. Pair with a baggy pair of pants for a casual, going-to-class look. 

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  1. Maxi skirts 

My personal favorite. Satin, cotton, jean–a maxi skirt is a perfect piece to dress down if you’re not feeling pants that day. Pair with a baby-tee or a loose sweater and any shoe to feel put-together, but comfy too. 

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  1. A cardigan  

You simply cannot go wrong with a basic cardigan…it’s a forever classic. Perfect to dress down with shorts or a skirt, adding a layer to your outfit if you’re just feeling like you need an extra “little something.” 

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

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