May 29, 2024

Places to go as friends or to Define the Relationship

Richardson's Ice Cream in Middleton

By Corrine Previte

News Editor

Looking for a fun and relaxing day with friends? Look no further than Sol Bean Café located on 119 S. Main St. Middleton.

Sol Bean Café is known for its organic food and cozy atmosphere. You can enjoy the snug seating arrangements inside or waltz outdoors to find a more spacious dining experience. The pastoral view feeds into the experience with farm animals and grassy fields in the distance.

When ordering food, there are a vast array of options: smoothies, salads, soups, panini’s, and wraps (as well as gluten-ree options).

The “Summer Salad” is especially delicious, featuring spinach, orange wedges, apple slices, avocado, Havarti dill cheese, sunflower seeds and mixed sprouts.

This salad is the perfect fit for a hot summer day.

A dish at Sol Bean Cafe in Middleton
A dish at Sol Bean Cafe in Middleton

Although Sol Bean is a bit pricey, its food will leave you feeling both physically and mentally enriched.

If you are looking for a location that helps with the “I want to be more than your friend” endeavor, Richardson’s Ice Cream is the place to go. Located right up the street from Sol Bean, the address is 156 South Main St. Middleton.

Richardson’s is known for its homemade hard-packed ice cream. Its diverse range of flavors can satisfy cravings for the simple and elegant tastes—vanilla—as well as the more colorful, gourmet options, like blueberry pie (highly recommended).

Ice cream is not the only thing that Richardson’s offers. This creamery is also home to two miniature golf courses, batting cages, a driving range and barns full of farm animals. So if you’re looking to bust out that new golf driver, this could be your element.

For a DTR, there’s no better start.

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