February 25, 2024

New Offerings from the Academic Support Center

Shalom Maleachi '17 and Jonathan Chandra '19 in the ASC. Photo by Taylor Bradford

By: Veronica Andreades ‘19


Tucked behind the Beauregard Mezzanine, on the fourth floor of Jenks, resides the Academic Support Center (ASC). One might hardly notice the unassuming, silver lettering above the door that leads back further into the library. But Director Ann Seavie and Assistant Director Allyson Lonacres have not been idle. This semester, the two are introducing a new resource for students: a peer advisor.

The new ASC Peer Advisor will be answering the call of those students who are seeking more general aid with handling the unfamiliar demands of college. For those who are looking for time management tips, organizational resources or more broadly speaking, homework help, Shalom Maleachi ‘17 will be present Monday through Thursday evenings to assist.

Although she has done tutoring in the past, Maleachi expressed her preliminary concerns as she assumes her new position as ASC Peer Advisor.

Maleachi said, “This is a learning experience for me as well, because I’ve only ever done subject tutoring.”

However, as someone who likes problem solving with people, a key component of ASC’s mission, Maleachi’s skills will serve the job well.

Seavie is hoping, along with this new position, to also fight some misconceptions about the ASC and what it does. While the advisors are there to offer help for those with disabilities and those struggling in their classes, the team can help all students improve.

“We have students, who are AJ (Scholar Honors students), who come and use us, because they have a busy schedule and want time management help,” Seavie said.

ASC also offers secondary course counseling. They can provide an alternate perspective on what academic major or minor a student should consider and work with the student in that decision-making process.

As the introduction of ASC Peer Advisor testifies the ASC’s desire to be a resource to all students, those working in ASC hope to make the office a more welcoming place.

One way that the ASC will be doing this is by possibly changing their name. As they are still in the beginning stages of this process, ASC invites students to provide feedback on this potential name change.

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