December 3, 2023

March Edition Gordon Grapevine

Readers wrote in to give us their thoughts.

I understand that the budget is tight right now, but as someone who tends to have dinner at a later hour, not having Late Night on Friday and Saturday has made for a difficult adjustment this semester. My hope is that this is a temporary solution and not a permanent one. – Benjamin Schneider ‘21

I have been liking the new chicken additions to the grill. The cuts are tender and the spices used are tasty. I just wish we could have a daily grilled chicken option. – Spencer Hill ‘21

Martha from the Comfort station in Lane is a treasure. She is wonderful and her Ecuadorian food is great. – Courtney Robenolt ‘21

Gordon has some of the best professors. I don’t know any other school where your advisor would chose to mentor you and help you write a theses for graduate school. #lovemylinguisticsadvisor – Vanessa Sylvestre ‘20

Beware the treacherous path from main campus to woodland. For sheets of black ice cover the sidewalk. They will rob you of your balance and dignity. Physical plant will valiantly fight to protect us from this inanimate villain, but it will always return. Mostly because New England can’t decide when seasons start and end. Go warily my fellow underclassmen drivers. – Laura Bongiorno ‘21

A lot of people complain about things they don’t like. Stop complaining. Social media and page (insert tartan page number) of your schools news paper will not solve your problems. Go to the people who cause or enable the problem and offer to work with them for a solution. Bitterness is a choice, and complaining is unattractive. – Davis Moderelli ‘19

The capitalist model of BoneAppleTea has failed the students. We must socialize the means of food production for the students and bring back the lane we all deserve. Join the GCCP to prevent campus capitalism!
Hewp. – Aaron, VanCleef ‘20

This system is flawed. Anyone could submit anything under anyone’s name. I’m not even sure this is me posting this. All you need is the link to this google doc and the name of a student, and in this case, that student’s name is AnnaSummer Davis. – Anna Summer Davis

(editors note: The Tartan verifies submissions before publication)

It’s a moral failure to park in Woodland A lot if you’re not planning to use your car in the next week. – Isaac Bleeker ‘21

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