December 6, 2023

Jane Ward Returns to Gordon as Head Coach

By: Hanna Laue ‘17

Staff Writer

The Women’s Lacrosse team is working hard in preparation for their upcoming season with a new, but familiar, coaching staff.

New Head Coach Jane Ward ‘14 played for three seasons on the lacrosse team while enrolled in the College. Ward was also the women’s assistant coach in the 2016 season.

Bringing both her experience and excitement as now head coach, Ward said in light of her position, “I feel honored to be the head coach of the Gordon Women’s Lacrosse team. I’ve learned under many great lacrosse minds and feel confident taking on this new position. It is a joy to return to the Gordon community and continue the legacy of what Gordon Athletics represents.”

In addition to Ward’s position as head coach, fellow newcomers Bess Watson and Krysti Leech will be serving as assistant coaches. They come from the Gordon community as well.

Captain Kristen Fitzgerald ‘17 said, “Bess Watson was our assistant coach my freshman year, so it is great to have her back, and Krysti Leech also played here when she was a student. So she is in the same position of understanding our team. The three of them really have their heart in the program and it shows not just through their coaching but also through their care for us as a whole.”

Fellow captain Lindsey Congdon ‘17 also expressed her enthusiasm for the new leadership, saying, “I’ve enjoyed playing and working hard for her [Ward] and can’t wait for games to get underway. Bess Watson and Krysti Leech have been helping out too! They were apart of our coaching team freshman year, so it feels like we’ve reached “full circle” in a way. Bess offers so much wisdom offensively and Krysti has been helping us train and coach our defense.”

Like any sports team, both the coach and players strive to dominate the Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC). Last year, the Scots finished as the fifth seed in the Conference, with an overall record of 6-10. Ward said, “I think all coaches aim to win the CCC Championship. That being said, we have to accomplish many goals to get there. My goal for us is to represent Jesus on the field through hard work and great skill, and celebrate the process of each practice.”

As far as training goes, Ward said they are focusing on “Fitness and Fundamentals!” The first two weeks of pre-season consisted of 6 AM practices at Danvers Indoor Sports. Congdon said, “[The team] has been conditioning, lifting, getting strong, and practicing wall ball.”

With a total of nine seniors this year, the team has the skill and experience to dominate on the field. Wards added, “I’m very excited about the lacrosse knowledge they bring and their impressive athletic ability!”

The women’s first game of the season is on Feb. 25. They will be hosting Mount Holyoke.

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