July 21, 2024

Crossword: Gordon College Jargon

The following crossword is a compilation of sayings, words and phrases that were popular on Gordon’s campus during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Can you guess what they are? Print this post out and the first person to complete the crossword correctly and submit it to mailbox number 195 will win a $5 gift card to Dunkin Donuts.


  1. Bacon cheeseburger.
  1. see Soda
  1. Prepped-out beyond belief
  1. Affectionate name for this beloved institution, even though its real name is Gordon College
  1. Annual display of Gordon’s student, faculty and staff “talent.” A fundraising benefit for

Student Outreach Services’ Summer Intern Program

  1. When an individual has not idea of what is going on. This state may occur periodically or for

some become a constant mental condition.

  1. Phrase seldom seen after one’s balance on his/her Statement of Student Account

(commonly called your bill)

  1. Cheeseburger with an egg on it
  1. A degree pursued by many but attained by few.
  1. Ice cream shop in Pride’s Crossing. Life-blood of Gordon students
  1. The name of our gymnasium
  1. The most common form of mail received by the average student.
  1. An overpowering urge which compels you to attack the local vending machine. Often occurs

while studying.

  1. The deep depression in front of Lane. Doubles as a campus pool when “April Showers” set in. Really a parking lot.



  1. Picturesque body of water on campus that you usually cannot skate on during the winter (but can be walked across during the summer…).
  1. Occurs at ten o’clock during exam weeks. The whole student body lets loose and relieves a little stress through extreme verbal exertion.
  1. Gordon College Student Association. Gordon’s student
  1. Jenks 237. Formerly Winn 10. Lecture Hall downstairs in back of Jenks Learning Resource Center.
  1. Music classrooms behind Prince Chapel that came here via Route 128. They haven’t moved yet, so why call them mobile?
  1. The average amount of weight that the average Frosh puts on   during the winter months
  1. The GCSA Campus Events Council. (see GCSA)
  1. All-school gathering on certain Fridays in the gym. Its reverent name is convocation.
  1. The Center for Student Development. Dean of Students, et. al. Located next to Gillies Lounge in Lane Student Center.
  1. Heavy, Deep and Real.
  1. A small chapel in the back of Frost Hall.
  1. For Gordon students this is equivalent to something being “hot”, or at least the opposite of cold.

To find the answers, click Crossword Answers: Gordon College Jargon

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