February 25, 2024

Globe Hosts Talk Team-Up, Costume Changes and Tom Haugen

Abigal Erdelatz and Sam Solberg. Courtesy of Abigal Erdelatz

By: Jonathan Chandra ‘19
Staff Writer

This Saturday, Abigail Erdelatz ’18 and Sam Solberg ’18 will fulfill a dream that began last spring.

The duo will host the Globes Saturday, Feb. 18, at A.J. Gordon Memorial Chapel at 7PM. In an interview with the Tartan on Tuesday they discussed, among other things, the origins of their partnership, highlights of the coming show and jokes that didn’t make the cut.

The seeds of collaboration were sown when the soon-to-be hosts sat beside other during Golden Goose 2016. Erdelatz gave her account of how it happened:

“He [Solberg] leaned over and he goes, ‘Hey Abigail, you’re coming back for second semester too, right? Let’s host Globes!’”

Both hosts have just returned this semester from separate fall study abroad programs located in England. Among other topics, the hosts-to-be discussed what they were most excited for about Saturday’s show.

“We have a fun opening . . . It’s the most technically elaborate part of it and I think it’s the most fun—and longest—part of it,” said Solberg.

“I’m weirdly excited about our costume changes,” added Erdelatz.

During the interview, Solberg and Erdelatz reported that they would be three costume changes each, with one set to take place during the opening segment itself.

Though excitement for Globes was palpable throughout the interview, the duo did share some concerns. For one, Erdelatz said:

“I guess I’m worried about if our jokes are going to play well. Because I think that a lot of stuff is really funny to us, but we don’t know how funny it’s going to be in front of a crowd.”

The hosts-to-be also shared ideas that ended up being scrapped, including skits done entirely in hammocks, riffs on Hamlet, and some bawdier bits. Solberg gave insight into one particular intended installment that wasn’t to be:

“Tom Haugen, we wanted him to play a role but he couldn’t make it. But we made fun of him a lot in our original ideas, like chapel analogies . . .  how he calls God ‘Daddy’ a lot when he prays. There’s so many Gordon things that we talked about making jokes about but it would have been overload and it wouldn’t have fit in.”

Solberg and Erdelatz emphasized that while campus-related jokes would be part of their humor, it wouldn’t be the only thing they touched on.

“If you’re coming and you’ve never heard of Gordon, you can still come, have a great time. You’ll be in the dark a little bit, but you’ll still be entertained. We hope,” said Solberg.

Though the pair does intend on being quippy presences on stage, Solberg and Erdelatz iterated that the real highlights of the night should be the films and communal enjoyment.

“We’ll see who wins the awards, you know. That’s what it’s about, the films. There’s a lot of runtime of films this year, in a good way,” said Solberg.

“My best memories about Globes are just like, being really entertained. So if people leave just laughing, saying ‘I’m so glad we came,’ I’ll be really happy,” said Erdelatz.


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