May 29, 2024

First Year Student Starts GoFundMe for Tammy Jennings on Missed Connections

Tammy with students in Gillies. Photo Courtesy of Bryce Smith.

“Every single person I ran into has spoken about [her] and how amazing [she is], and I didn’t even know [her] very well, but I was like, ‘Let’s see what the whole deal with Tammy is,’” said Mason Cummins ‘27.  

Compelled after reading The Tartan’s story on Gillie’s Late Night Supervisor Tammy Jennings (March 2024), Cummins submitted an anonymous post to the notorious Instagram Account “Missed Connections” (which is unaffiliated with Gordon). Before even meeting her, he sent his post to Missed Connections, telling students that they should collectively raise money. Mason said that he found it was one of the most liked posts on the account, accompanied by comments flooding with love for the woman in dining services, Tammy Jennings. As a result, he chose to start a Go-Fund-Me in her honor.  

“I went to Gillie’s one night and I just sat by myself and ate Late Night, and she came over to me and acted like she knew me for years prior…this was like the first time we’d ever met,” he said. So, Cummins decided to start a fundraiser in hopes to fund her vacation. “The original goal was $500, we ended up raising $520,” he said, and mentioned that at least it was a little bit of money.  

After a Late-Night shift, students informed Tammy that more money was given to her. Cummins added, “The Gordon students are so amazing to give up anything they had to help Tammy, because it all adds up.” Tammy gathered a group of students in Gillie’s to announce how thankful she was to be loved at Gordon, saying that she “was proud to be a part of the school.”  

“It’s pretty cool to see it all come together all off of an anonymous post on an account that Gordon isn’t even affiliated with, ya know?” What Gordon is affiliated with, however, is a supportive community, full of loving students who care just as deeply as the staff do for the students. “I just set up the Go-Fund-Me…that’s all I did,” Cummins ended with a laugh, as the roar of students in Gillies cheered for what they had accomplished together.  

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