July 5, 2022

Crossword Answers: Gordon College Jargon

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Courtesy of Marilyn Sweet


Editorial Note: The following list was donated by Marilyn Sweet. The list is a compilation of sayings and phrases that were popular on Gordon’s campus during the early 1990s.

AIR MAIL The most common form of mail received by the average student.

ALDON POND Body of water east of Frost Hall. Formerly a parking lot.

AWESOME Second most common work in a New Englander’s vocabulary.

BETHEL A small chapel in the back of Frost Hall.

BELL, THE Large bell located behind the chapel

BLUE AND WHITE REVIEW Annual display of GOrdon’s student, faculty and staff “talent.” A fundraising benefit for Student Outreach Services’ Summer Intern Program.

BOWL, THE The deep depression in front of Lane. Doubles as a campus pool when “April Showers” set in. Really a parking lot.

C.E.C. The GCSA Campus Events Council. (see GCSA)

C.L.O. Christian Life (Chapel) Office. On the second floor of Frost Hall.

“CLUELESS” When an individual has no idea of what is going on . This state may occur periodically or for some become a constant mental condition.

CONVO All-school gathering on certain Fridays in the gym. Its reverent name is convocation.

COOL For Gordon students this is equivalent to something being “hot”, or at least the opposite of cold.

COY POND Picturesque body of water on campus that you usually cannot skate on during the winter (but can be walked across during the summer…).

  1. Phrase seldom seen after one’s balance on his/her Statement of Student Account (commonly called your bill).

C.S.D. The Center for Student Development. Dean of Students, et. al. Located next to Gillies Lounge in Lane Student Center.

DICK AND JUNE’S Ice cream shop in Pride’s Crossing. Life-blood of Gordon students in the spring.

FIGHTING SCOTS Our school athletic teams’ nickname

FRAPPE What McDonald’s and anyone else in the world calls a milkshake

FRESHMAN TEN The average amount of weight that the average Frosh puts on   during the winter months

GCSA Gordon College Student Association. Gordon’s student government.

“GET A REAL LIFE” Usually said when someone wants you to pull your head out of the clouds

GILLIES LOUNGE Student Lounge. Site of many “close encounters” with the popular pool table and video games.

GIVE-AND-GO Punishable by death. Punching into chapel and then exiting through another entrance right away.

GREGORY AUDITORIUM Jenks 237. Formerly Winn 10. Lecture Hall downstairs in back of Jenks Learning Resource Center.

GROSS A word spoken with reverence here (usually).

G.U. Affectionate name for this beloved institution, even though its real name is Gordon College

H.D.R. Heavy, Deep and Real.

L.E.A.D. Leadership Enrichment and Development. Gordon’s annual spring student leadership conference.

MAN-ON-THE-FLOOR Phrase used by female residence floors. Invrariably responded to by, “Well, help him up!”

MOBILE UNITS Music classrooms behind Prince Chapel that came here via Route 128. They haven’t moved yet, so why call them mobile?

MRS. A degree pursued by many but attained by few.

MUNCHIES An overpowering urge which compels you to attack the local vending machine. Often occurs while studying.

N.C. The only thing this side of the moon you do not want to see on your report card.

NUBBY Cheeseburger with an egg on it.

PENDRAGON Faculty/Staff Dining Room. Lower Frost

PILGRIMAGE, THE Yearly round up to L.L. Bean in Freeport, Maine (See P.O.B.B.).

P.O.B.B. Prepped-out beyond belief

POP see Soda

POPCORN The staple of college life. Consumed in mass quantities when studying or when you run out of meal points.

PRIMAL SCREAM Occurs at ten o’clock during exam weeks. The whole student body lets loose and relieves a little stress through extreme verbal exertion.

“PSYCHED” Synonymous with “excited”

PULL AN ALL-NIGHTER Cramming for exams all night to make up for the wasted time all semester. Not recommended but sometimes necessary. Usually accompanied by coffee, munchies and friends.

QUAD Site of many field hockey, soccer and lacrosse victories

RATIO, THE The proportion of females to males at Gordon (overwhelming). Why is it then that Gordon males cannot ever seem to find a date?

R.D.T. Relationship-defining talk. Usually occurs between a male and female, but can happen whenever there is a relationship.

RHODES The name of our gymnasium

SCOTTY Bacon cheeseburger.

SODA see Tonic

T, THE Mass Transit taken when travelling to, from and around Boston

TARTAN, THE Weekly (most of the time) student newspaper.

TONIC see Pop

WICKED Most common word in a New Englander’s vocabulary

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