July 21, 2024

An open letter to the author of “The Top Five Reasons for Voting Donald Trump”

Dear Anonymous Trump Voter,

First, as a Political Science professor and the moderator of two post-debate discussion panels, I want to thank you for expressing your well-articulated opinion.

It is reasonable for Christians to consider voting for Donald Trump based on concerns over, in particular, the direction of the Supreme Court, religious freedom, and abortion, like you argued in your essay. Similarly, faithful Christians may decide to turn away from Trump because of his personal history, choice of rhetoric, and policy positions.

Second, in response to your assertion that “the conservative view is not given much clout” at Gordon, I hope you had the opportunity to hear my colleague Timothy Sherratt’s recent convocation talk where he encouraged students to vote with consideration to each party’s policy platform, not just the individuals at the top of the ticket. Professor Sherratt’s suggestion makes room for students with a variety of political leanings, including conservative views and concerns like yours.

As a community, we need to work together to make Professor Sherratt’s vision a lived reality here at Gordon and cultivate a political climate distinguishable from the wider culture because of our love for one another, one where students like you feel comfortable publicly expressing their political opinions.


Michael Jacobs
Assistant Professor
Political Science Department Gordon College

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