May 30, 2024

Alec Hansen Appointed Representative At Large

New Representative at Large, Alec Hansen. Photo by Deepak Bardhan.

By Vickie Franks ’20
Staff Reporter

Thursday, October 10th, Alec Hansen 21’ was officially appointed as the new GCSA Representative at Large.

Hansen was approached with the newly open position that Thursday morning, and after some consideration and prayer, he accepted the offer; he was appointed at the forum later that day.

A Political Science major with a minor in Mandarin, Hansen meets his new role with hopes to implement positive change, particularly in the areas of finances and the Freshman experience.

With this new position, Hansen serves in both the Club Development Committee, as well as Financial Affairs. Hansen is also involved in the newly formed Freshman Committee, which he and other representatives hope to make into an official, chartered committee. The hope of the committee is “to get some ideas from a diversity of opinions from the freshman class,” he says.

Some might remember Hansen from his campaign for Freshman Representative, trademarked by the tagline, “The A-peeling Choice.” The pun was a promise to fight for lower costs of bananas and other foods in Lane.

Although he did not win the race for Freshman Representative, Hansen is still committed to making the Gordon experience more affordable for students using his new position as Representative at Large.

Hansen’s initiative involves, “continuing to work with Bon Apetit to get prices to a point where they’re reasonable,” he says.

Hansen is also interested in making other areas of student life more affordable. “Whether it is Bon Apetit specifically or some other area on campus that there is this focus of ‘what are we doing to help make it financially reasonable for student to be able to participate in activities, to have access to different things?’”

Another goal Hansen has, is to promote unity within the Freshman class. He and Freshman Representative Shineika Fareus 21’ will work closely in these early stages of the Freshman Committee to still achieve that spirit of unity.

From a homeschool background, student government was not something Hansen previously had the opportunity participate in. Now a member of the Gordon community, Hansen is eager to take advantage of this new experience.  

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