February 25, 2024

Autumn Product Reviews

Bryn Wicklas '21 - Staff Reporter

YETI Rambler—20oz purchased in clay color

photo by Bryn Wicklas

The YETI brand has certainly been leaving its mark around campus as of late. No,  it’s not another green monster in Gordon Woods; it’s a stainless-steel vacuum insulated tumbler. They come in 10oz, 20oz, and 30oz sizes ranging from $20-$40 on every college student’s favorite website, Amazon. YETI travel mugs use the power of magnets to keep temperature and liquid locked inside the cup. I can promise you from a fair amount of experience that the YETI Rambler can keep your drink hot or cold for hours on end. This slightly overpriced mug keeps my 5 a.m. cups of coffee hot for up to 12 hours, which makes savoring that glorious last sip of caffeinated goodness all the more delightful.

Have you ever experienced drink sweat? Have you ever felt uncomfortable about all the grimy rings of condensation your drink leaves behind? What about all the times you awkwardly glanced around the room before insecurely wiping all the melted liquid excess on your pants? Well, there is no need to fret with the YETI Rambler sitting on your desk, because they have been insulated to perfection. My burnt sienna mug never leaves a trail behind and we all know how much Gordon loves the idea of leaving no trace! YETI has really thought of everything with this design. The ramblers are even dishwasher safe and made to fit in all standard sized cup holders. All jokes aside, this rambler is worth the price. It is reliable and able to support different types of liquid between rinses without muddling the flavor. YETI is surely the way to go. 

Glade Scent Dispenser –Cashmere Woods           

photo by Bryn Wicklas

Every college student worries about the ungodly smells drifting from their dirty hampers, gout ridden shoes, and festering bathrooms. Luckily, Amazon is selling a quick fix to almost all of our smelly problems for $10.00 or less! Instead of inhaling another whiff of musty towels, breathe in a fresh spritz of Cashmere Woods with the Glade Scent Dispenser. The dispenser is battery operated and comes with two spare AA batteries in packaging! 

A new spray of autumnal scent will infiltrate your room every 36 minutes. If you’d like an extra whiff between timed sprays, there is a button at the back of the dispenser made to plant yet another tree in your cashmere woods. However, make sure to move out of the way before the scented spray bursts forth. Make sure to read the fine print—“CAUTION POTENTIAL EYE IRRITANT”—before putting your nose, hands, or eyes too close to get a whiff. To be entirely honest, this product provides a great relief from day to day odors for about three seconds every 36 minutes. Unfortunately, the new scent never seems to stick, which is my only real complaint. . 

Invisi bobble—the traceless hair ring, 

photo by Bryn Wicklas

These hair rings have slowly yet surely been replacing the scrunchie. Suddenly people adorn their wrists with clear spirals rather than the ultimate ‘80s accessory. Initially, I was dubious as to how a plastic phone cord could do anything but get tangled up in my hair. However, after trying the invisi bobble, I understood its value. This new breed of hair tie leaves your straight or curly locks dentless after rocking a high pony all day long. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product as well. It has created quite a few perfectly messy messy buns so far this semester.

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