October 17, 2021

Review of SoBol’s Bowls

October 7, 2019 0

Walking into SoBol, a local acai bowl and smoothie shop in Beverly, you are welcomed by a multitude of middle and high schoolers milling about in their oversized sweatshirts and vans impatiently waiting to snap […]

Good Music Enriches Studies and Life

October 7, 2019 0

We all have a soundtrack to our lives. No matter your personal taste in music, songs capture the best parts of our days. Music connects us to our memories and to one another. Some sing […]

Dr. Stout Ponders Infinity

October 7, 2019 0

On Wednesday, September 11th, Dr. Richard Stout was introduced to a gathering of faculty and students as a professor with a love for Gordon, college students, as well as mentoring and the beauty of mathematics.  […]

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