April 20, 2021

New Film Club Gets Good Start

Constance Tyne '22 - Staff Reporter

Courtesy of @gc_filmsociety

This semester, Gordon welcomes the newly-chartered Film Club, led by film aficionados Elise Losardo, ’22, Rachel Baldigo “20 and Bailey Diamondidas, “20. “It was mostly my dad that got me into movies,” says Losardo. “He was a biology major, but he really loved movies and would take me to see movies, and it was.. what we could bond over. He has these VHS tapes of films he made for his film class in college. They’re pretty bad, but I thought they were the greatest thing in the world because he’s my dad. That’s kind of what instituted my love of movies. Now, being able to use professional equipment, I’m realizing more that film is something that I really want to do.” 

“The film society used to be a thing, like a few years ago, it kind of dwindled out because it became more of a movie watching club than anything else,” explains Diamondidis. “When we talked about revamping it, we kind of wanted to do something more with it.” 

Indeed, the club plans to do far more than mere movie watching. Already, the leaders have organized a screenwriting workshop with several English and Communication arts professors and are planning to hold a 48 hour film-making contest. Other plans include outings out to see new movies and themed series viewings.

“First and foremost, we want this to be a club for everyone…where anyone across campus can come together just because they love moves and because they’re interested in learning… we really want it to be a community to engage with it and talk about,” describes Diamondidis.

“If you’re someone who loves [film] or are debating if it;s something you want to do…you can join [film club] and just dip your toes in. I… want to foster a community where someone is willing to help someone else [learn about film editing]. We’ll do the best we can to make events and workshops so people can learn and grow,” says Baldigo.

Since Spring Break is coming up, the Film Club leaders have a special list of recommendations that they think will add enjoyment and thought provocation to your time off from school!

“I think in light of the Oscar’s just happening, Parasite, 1917 and JoJo rabbit are like, top three in terms of relevance and acclamation… they seem like absolutely ground-breaking movies that will not only be fun to watch, but thought provoking to engage with,” suggests Diamondidis.

“I just watched Grand Budapest Hotel, so if people haven’t watched that yet, they need to. Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World wasn’t my favorite film in some ways, but I love the way it was shot, and it was really funny,” adds Baldigo. 

“You probably don’t want to weep over spring break, so save Marriage Story for Finals!” jokes Losardo.

“On the Grand Budapest hotel vein, any Wes Anderson movie ever. Boyhood is also amazing, because it’s filmed over the course of 12 years. It’s a brilliant idea and I love it,” finishes Diamondidis.

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