June 25, 2021

Women’s Lacrosse Team Gets New Coach

Clare Mulvihill '20 - Contributor

The Athletics Department has recently taken the age-old idiom of “silver and gold” to heart;  welcoming new friends, while also keeping the old. 

Along with new campus changes to many academic and student life programs, the athletics community has been busy transitioning their department with new updates to coaching staff. Among the teams seeing a shift in leadership are men’s and women’s lacrosse, men’s baseball, men’s/women’s tennis, and golf (a new varsity sport this year). 

The majority of these coaches are not unfamiliar to Gordon. Brian Lane of men’s lacrosse, Todd Alford of men’s baseball, Jack Sahlman of men’s and women’s tennis, and Ryan McDonald of golf have all been promoted to head coach of their respective sports from within. They all bring a promise of great new seasons to each of these teams. 

Among the familiar faces, however, is a new one. Coach Max Ruhl, hired as the new women’s lacrosse coach, brings a positive and faith-centered perspective to not only the game, but also the athletics community as a whole. 

Originally from Ohio, Ruhl is a 2011 alum of Ohio Valley University and has been coaching lacrosse ever since he was a student athlete himself. He says that “coaching has always been a part of [him]” and that he views coaching as being able to “help players become an impactful part of the broader community after college.”

Coach Ruhl looks forward to improving the team’s possession game and has already been at work encouraging a strong culture of community, comradery, and most importantly value within the group. He has a deep vision of what faith integration in athletics looks like; challenging his players everyday to work together in faithful obedience towards a greater cause. 

Not only is he committed to helping his players give 100% and focus on “winning the sidelines,” but he also wants them to be able to tie in what they’re learning on the field into what they’re learning off of it as well. “Accountability,” he says, is a huge part of how the team will grow together. 

With Ruhl added to the ranks, the Athletics Department seems to be in good hands again this year–poised for another great season of hard work and faithful dedication. 

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