June 25, 2021

Winter Ball Fashion – Dazzling the Dance Floor

Hannah Auten ‘23 - Staff Reporter

As a formal event, Winterball is the perfect chance to show off your style while getting to dress up beyond your everyday looks. Everyone at Winterball was rocking their own style, but below we have featured some looks.

Nickolas Markham rolled up to the dance in what initially would have been considered to be a fairly classic look, “black shoes, black socks, a white button down shirt, a black suit, and a golden bow tie & pocket square. Always a fan favorite!”

It wasn’t until the beat dropped that everyone saw that Nick’s bow tie wasn’t ordinary,  “With the push of a button, they turn from ordinary cosmetics to glowing sensations! People start looking and pulling out their phones while I get a chance to show off a little. It’s been a hit at every dance I’ve been to.”

With the light up accessories, Nick was hard to miss on the dance floor! For sure a stand out look!

Going for “a Gatsby look due to the theme,” Jean Laraque “went with the classic white dress shirt, large black bow tie which gave off more of the Gatsby look and red velvet coat with black satin on the edge to compliment the bow tie.”

Jean got ready for the ball right after work and upon arriving at the Olio “was nervous, however I felt more at ease once I started interacting with my friends and strangers who complimented me on the jacket.”

The statement red velvet coat set Jean out from the crowd. Although the classic black coat will always be appreciated, the red velvet spin was definitely fresh.

Dominique Walter “opted for [a dress with] long sleeves” which “also included a mock neck that worked great with the weather.” The dress was a black, white and gold sequin dress with geometric patterns. 

Walter, in preparation of the weather “decided to bring my snow boots and switch them out for my heels once I got to the dance.” 

“When it comes to my style I usually like to keep it simple, so I was excited to find this dress that had a lot of intricate, beautiful detail on its own and didn’t require a ton of accessories.. I love the ‘boho’ braid look, so I decided to braid my hair quickly first. For my makeup, I decided to do rose-gold eyes that I felt matched the details of my dress. I kept my lips simple with the Fenty Beauty ‘gloss bomb’,” described Walter.

Although Allison Fournier says she “didn’t have a specific look in mind,” she had a stand-out long blush dress with a sparkling belt. She was going for something “both pretty and functional.”

In addition to the dress, another feat of her look were “light tan cowboy boots which “were a no-brainer for me, as they reflect my personality and are easy and comfortable to dance in.” At the dance Fournier “got a lot of compliments on [the look] at the ball, which was both unexpected and appreciated.”

Fournier reflected saying “Getting dressed up is a very rare event for me, but it felt really nice to be able to put my best foot forward and to feel beautiful, both of which were aided by the dress that I wore.”

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