June 25, 2021

Ranking Gordon’s Superbowl Parties

Constance Tyne, ‘22 - Staff Reporter

On Sunday, February 2nd, the 53rd annual Super Bowl took place between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. But chances are you already knew that, because you were holed up in your dorm lounge, munching snacks bought with your dorm’s event budget money, making courteous but awkward small talk with your RAs all while trying to focus on the projected screen. What you may not know is what the Super Bowl parties at all the other dorms were like, because you were comfortably settled in your own. In order to help you to make an informed choice about where to spend your next Gordon-hosted celebration of the Super Bowl, below is a quick ranking of all of the dorm parties. 

5th Place: Chase – I think the big misstep was dividing the dorm into two parties. Theoretically, having two different showings for more and less competitive viewers is a great idea, but with a single dorm, it really detracts from the turnout.

4th Place: Bromley (MIO) smaller turn out, much more intimate, but great upbeat vibe nevertheless!

3rd Place: Evans – bingo + prizes and lots of pizza! While the turnout was less than other dorms, Evans definitely got some extra points for food and prizes!

2nd Place: Nyland – Super fun, upbeat and engaged atmosphere and great turnout! 

1st Place: Wilson/Lewis – Lots of people, lots of food! These winning factors, which made it really seem more like a party and less like just a previewing, scored it the most points. Smart move combining two dorms! 

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