April 20, 2021

Nearly Sold Out Titanic Musical Draws Crowds

Josh “James” Litman '21 - Contributor

         The Titanic may have sunk, but Titanic the Musical rises. This theater production has heart, which is due to the dynamic performances from the talented cast. We all know the story of the Titanic, but in this production, you will bond with the people who were on that fateful voyage.

         This production follows the stories of people from different classes, from millionaires to immigrants looking for a new life in America while on board the ocean liner RMS Titanic. With an ensemble cast including 27 Gordon College students with Paul Edwards and Jeannie Edwards, you will learn all of these people’s stories and connect with them up until the fatal collision.

         After the Titanic hits the infamous iceberg, the play becomes chaotic, in a good way. You will watch on as the characters you have come to know are separated from their loved ones in an attempt to survive. Other characters will bicker about whose fault it is.

         The most standout performances came from Zech Pappageorge as Ismay, owner of the Titanic, Luke Pacchioli as Thomas Andrews, designer of the Titanic, and Curtis Jenkins as Captain Smith. When they argue with each other over who’s fault it is that the ship is sinking, you can feel the frustration and rage coming from them. There’s electricity in the air.

         Another part of the show that was enjoyable was the comic relief that was added in. The three Kates played by Olivia Neal, Jade Etienne, and Julia Ragusa added in a bit of Irish charm and sass to their roles. 

The chemistry between Hannah Spangler and Kenny Kidd was definitely a highlight of the show. They played a bickering couple from the second class with aspirations to be in first class.

Titanic the Musical had nearly a sold out run, reaching max capacity in eight of its nine shows, including having a full preview. Titanic the Musical is the most attended theater production at Gordon College in the past five years. 

         Titanic the Musical was directed by Jeffrey S. Miller, with orchestrations by Ian Weinberger, and music direction by Jess Modaff. The story was written by Peter Stone, with music and lyrics by Maury Yeston.

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