April 20, 2021

Club Visits Boston Investment Firm

Tuesday, Jan. 28, the newly founded Investment Club tested their financial aptitude in front of a panel of professional investment portfolio managers at Eventide Asset Management in the Financial District in Boston. 

In a board room on the 42nd floor of One International Place, three teams pitched Home Depot, Paypal, and Waste Management as potential stock investment options. Owen Haworth ‘20, Micheal Tucker ‘20, and Grant Vuerink ’21, the original founders of the club, each headed a team. that presented on factors such as financial history, market predictions, and company policies. After each presentation, the asset managers from Eventide, who acted as judges, offered feedback on the pitches. 

Following the event, Dolores Bamford, Eventide portfolio manager and senior lecturer for Gordon’s Master of Science in Financial Analysis program, said: “I think the students did an excellent job. I’m very proud of them. I think they had great presentation skills. They did great research. They had convincing arguments. I’m convinced they will do well.”

Though the presentation was organized as practice for club members, Haworth said they intend on actually investing the funds with money they are working on raising with the help of John Truschel and Advancement. 

According to the mission statement of the club’s Investment Fund, the goal is “to allow Gordon College students to experientially learn about investing and gain a greater understanding of the financial markets through actively-managed real dollar investments.”

A little over a year old, the Investment Club was founded when Haworth, Tucker and Vuerink returned from internships in the financial district and realized that Gordon needed an Investment Club.

“A lot of other schools [have one], especially bigger business schools,” said Haworth. “This was something that Gordon needed to be competitive with other schools, and it helps teach students how to invest and how to approach the idea of portfolio management at the undergrad level.”

Advised by Alexander Lowry, executive director of the Career and Connection Institute, the Investment Club came into being formally in the fall of 2019. As an off-shoot of Gordon’s Business Club, the Investment Club does not fall under Gordon College Student Association (GCSA).

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