April 20, 2021

Gordon Globes: Plot-Twists, Planned & Unplanned

Written by Veronica Andreades

The advantage of film is that directors can usually plan their plot-twists and comedic beats. But as the Gordon Globes winner of the People’s Choice Award, iPhone Fail by Hanna Clifford ‘21, demonstrated, that’s not always the case.

Throughout the evening, hosts Amber Jogie ‘20 and Ashton Barkey ‘20 exhibited the even more unpredictable nature of live performance, with their chair-breaking rendition of Mamma Mia (wearing outrageous bell-bottoms and all) and their audience-participating demonstration of viral Tik-Tok dance, the Renegade.

Though Jogie and Barkey drew laughs with their Jumanji and You inspired skits. The stunning Black History Month tribute, with Victoria Fatukasi ‘20 singing “Stand Up” from the motion picture Harriet accompanied by a dance performance, garnered a standing ovation.

Gordon Globes has often been an excuse for students to get a second wear out of an old prom dress or wedding suit. However, for those who submitted films, it’s an opportunity to share their creative work with their peers. Work that some of them intend to build upon for careers in music or film (though hopefully not for the maker of iphone Fail).

Four industry professionals served as judges for the competition: Noelle Guerin ’02, David Ells ’07, Grace Chiou, and Mark Spooner ‘14. And for each of the six categories, they chose the following as the winners of Gordon Globes 2020:

1. Comedy: Mean Tori, Sarah Petrillo ‘20

2. Action/Adventure: Shift, Nick Cannella ‘20

3. Music Video: Pray More, Jessica Jarosz ‘20

4. Drama: Chebacco, Luke Pollack ’20 and Nick Cannella ‘20

5. iPhone & People’s Choice: iPhone Fail, Hanna Clifford ‘21

6. Documentary & Best Picture: The Artist Concentration Series Ep. 02, David Bello ‘20

Note: The filmmaker requested that his video not be posted as he is working on expanding it and submitting it to festivals.

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