June 25, 2021

Player Profile- Garrett Sattazahn

Graham Seymour '22 - Opinions Editor

Freshman Garrett Sattazahn ‘23 is a freshman basketball player at Gordon College. Growing up across the country, but mainly in Morris, Connecticut, Sattazahn has been developing his skills since he was five. Inspired by his father, who was a coach, he played basketball both for his high school team as well as AAU.

 “[my dad] pushed me to become a better basketball player” and more importantly, he says, “a better man.” Sattazahn says that his dad is “always looking out for him.” Sattazahn discovered Gordon when they reached out to him for recruitment reasons. He is thrilled to be in a place where people “have the same values as [himself].” After attending a public high school, Garrett applauds the college’s Christ-centered community. He appreciates a positive atmosphere both on and off the court. He enjoys Gordon’s fanbase and how exciting games can be when the crowd gets on their feet. Sattazahn finds joy in the simplicity of entertainment the college provides such as board games and deep discussions. 

When asked about his basketball goals, Sattazahn says he wants to win the conference championship, “Some people want things to happen, but we have to make it happen.” Garrett has high praise for both his teammates and his coaches. As a starter, Garrett plays about 28 minutes a game and rotates between small forward and shooting guard. He is a versatile player who emphasizes the significance of rebounds, facilitating the offense and improving shot. JJ Reddick, current shooting guard for the Pelicans, is who Sattazahn models his game after. When asked about the new styles of play in the NBA, he did not hold back, “back in the old NBA, teams played defense,” praising the old NBA who he claims played “more physical” compared to now where teams play too much “isolation” style basketball. The role of a student athlete is hard at Gordon College; time management is the hardest thing to master, he explained, “I do homework, play basketball and sleep.” 

Don’t hesitate to come and watch the Fighting Scots Basketball team this year as their season is underway. Keep an eye out for this secondary education major both on the basketball courts and in the classrooms. This freshman swing guard is a great addition both to the 2019 Gordon Basketball team and the college as a whole. 

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