October 28, 2020

Mailroom Undergoes New System and Renovations

Ashley Garcia ‘22 - Contributor

 The Gordon mailroom has now adapted into a mailing system by the company Pitney Bowes, which has brought convenience to the mailroom staff and customers. It has changed the process of how customers receive their packages, and has changed the inner process of how the mailroom is run. 

With the new Pitney Bowes mailing system, customers are welcome inside the mailroom for customer service, with the new conveniences of tapping one’s ID and signing for packages.  However, next semester the mailroom will be introducing a new atmosphere of customer service. During the winter break, the mailroom will be undergoing renovation for a new mailroom window which will optimize customer service.This will allow two customers to receive service at once, and customers will soon be able to use a debit or credit card as a payment method. The new service window will be located where the mailboxes numbers 1 – 297 are currently located. These mailboxes will be relocated to where the current service entrance is located in the mailroom. 

“How we have it now is really awkward for students when they have their packages to get out. Before it was over on the other side where it’s a little hallway, but this will be a nice, wide area,” said Chris Jones, Head of Mailroom of Operations, regarding the customer service setup. “I think that will hopefully set us up for the many years to come of upgraded service there.” 

What may look new on the outside is also completely new process on the inside for mailroom workers. The mailing system used before, Q-Track, required the manual routing of information into the system. With the new system by Pitney Bowes, getting a package into the hands of the customer is now done is mostly automated information already programmed into the system.

When a package is brought into the mailroom, it is scanned to be received. Then on a  handheld device, the receiver and the sender of the package is inputted into the system. After edited, it is then given a sticker with the package recipient and a barcode. It is then checkpointed, which is when the package is placed in a specific location around the mailroom. When this step is done, the package recipient will be notified by the mailroom. When a customer comes to receive a package, they tap their ID which shows who the package is for, and where the package is. The mailroom worker locates the package, scans the barcode, and the package is then delivered to the customer. 

These new system changes and the upcoming renovations to the mailroom are intended to be beneficial to the customer service experience.  Jones added regarding the upcoming renovations, “I think that was the last big change that I was proposing. I think that will hopefully set us up for the many years to come of upgraded service … We couldn’t do our new system on the little half door.”

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