October 28, 2020

Winter Ball in January

by Hannah Auten '23 - Staff Reporter

Winter Ball, as planned by the Campus Events Council, will take place Jan. 18, 2020 at the Olio in Peabody. This year’s theme is “Meet Me in Manhattan.” For those who have yet to attend a Winter Ball, Rachael Shek ‘22, CEC Events Coordinator, summarized the event as, “one of those events on Campus that is for everyone, all grades, freshman to seniors, to all get together and have a lot of fun at a dance with food.”

When picking a theme, the brainstorming process started with the idea of creating the “feel of the city in the 1940s, kind of like coming home from war vibe,” said Shek. The theme was solidified to be “Meet Me in Manhattan” once the CEC team found the venue for the event, which “is very retro and kind of looks like a huge New York City loft, which reminds all of us [the CEC team] of the loft in New Girl.” 

A few changes are being implemented this year, with the two biggest changes being the timing of Winter Ball and the venue.

 Instead of the event being at the end of the first semester, which would have meant the event would take place the weekend after Reading Day, the event is taking place at the beginning of the second semester. Rather than Winter Ball happening “right before finals, which would be stressful because you have all these tests coming up and you want to study, but you’d also want to go to winter ball and have fun with your friends, we decided to move it to the start of the next semester, it will be a lot more fun since people won’t be stressed with tests yet because it’s really early,” says Shek.

Shek says that “the past couple of years the venue has been at Gordon Conwell, which is a nice big venue, but it was also a school so it was kind of odd to have a dance there, so we really wanted to look for another venue that would be outside the school.”

The planning for Winter Ball is done by the CEC team, which includes a group of seven students and their advisor, Jacqueline Broberg. The team meets once a week for an hour and a half to two hours. The planning for the event started mid-September and has continued since then, during that time other events are simultaneously being planned. Currently, the team has “the big picture of what [they] want the event to look like in [their] heads” and are just working out the minute details, like “calling and getting estimates” for the decor. 

“The CEC team this year is all working super hard to change winter ball from what it has been in the past and for students to really enjoy it,” said Shek.

Shek said that as people leave Winter Ball, she hopes they are “happy that they went, and do not think it was a waste of their money. I want them to go have fun with their friends off campus, transported to a loft in the city.”

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