April 20, 2021

Humans of Gordon: Preparing for Christmas

by Hannah Auten ‘23 - Staff Reporter

What are your holiday traditions? 

Emma Toevs ‘23

“Every year for Christmas my family decorates the tree a day or two after Thanksgiving. We usually get a live tree, but recently we bought a fake tree, and so this year all we had to do was put ornaments on it. We always do an advent calendar, and every day we do a different activity together as a family, which this year I won’t be able to participate in. However, I cherish those memories. We usually make Christmas cookies at some point and go see lights around my city. I also spend lots of time with my good friends during this season as we like to go shopping together. On Christmas Eve, my family goes to my grandparent’s house with my extended family and we open up gifts and eat tasty food and go to my grandparents’ church’s candlelight service. My family always makes tortilla soup, which I love. Christmas morning we always wake up pretty early and start opening gifts. We stop about halfway and make breakfast. And every year we try to do something different and tasty. Although this year is different, I’m excited to forge new traditions with my friends and relive old ones with my family.”

Christian Celentano ‘22

“My Dad goes all out for Christmas. It’s his favorite holiday, and that has trickled down throughout our whole family. If you wanna see what Christmas looks like, go to 9 Lowe Dr in Gloucester. You can pick out our house from the end of the street. We always go Christmas caroling with our church at the local nursing homes. On Christmas Eve we have a candlelight service,  then go to my cousin’s house for a big family meal. Then on Christmas morning, we get up early and open presents, then eat an amazing breakfast. My mom makes this french toast that you leave in the fridge for like, 24 hours and it is amazing. This holiday is the biggest one for my family so I love this time of year. There is so much joy and happiness, especially when it’s with friends.”

Sarah Bruno ‘22

“My family puts up our artificial tree together, and decorate it as a family. We have tons of ornaments that my siblings and I made as kids, so it’s cute to reminisce. We decorate the tree, put up stockings, put up wreaths, put up battery powered candles, and put up a few festive snowman decorations. As for food, my family partakes in the seven fishes tradition, because I’m Italian! I also associate stuffed artichokes with Christmas. My family and I used to go skiing around winter break but not anymore. When we were kids we would also play in the snow, have snowball fights, or go sledding. However, we don’t anymore because we’re older now. As for celebrating with my friends, sometimes I’ll do secret Santa, other times I’ll just give my close friends presents.”

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