May 13, 2021

Fall Shorts Review

Nicole Valli ‘21 - Staff Reporter

I have attended Fall Shorts almost every year during my time at Gordon. Each year I continue to be blown away and impressed by the directors, the actors, and the productions themselves.

A festival of plays produced by the Directing class, Fall Shorts is held by the theater arts department. Each student in the class gets to choose a play, direct and cast it. The end result is the Fall Shorts, where anyone and everyone is able to come watch for free. 

Some years there are only three plays if the class is small. Sometimes, however, there are six, like this year, from a fuller class. No matter the amount, each play packs a punch. Some are serious, dealing with darker, more modern themes, while some are hilarious, showing that life can be fun, depending on your outlook. Others are a bit of both with a touch of comic relief in a darkened environment. That’s why each year is such a thrilling surprise, because I never have any expectations, but I know I will leave with a sense of rejuvenation. 

Another thing I enjoy about Fall Shorts is how the plays end. Much of the time, the play’s conclusions are left in such a way that the audience is able to construct how they think it ended. For example, in one of the shorts, “The Fence” directed by Lucas Sousa-Ross ‘20, we see both sides of a married couple’s relationship. Lucas’s goal is focused on relationships and wrote that, “Life as we know it is centered around relationships.” The play is a hilarious portrayal showing what husband and wife talk about when they’re alone with their friends. It can be seen as sort of sad and offensive, but that’s why I enjoy how it’s left up to the viewer to determine what they want to take away in terms of the meaning of the story. 

Overall, Fall Shorts is a great opportunity to go see some free, live entertainment with your friends, or to escape if you need a break from life. Go support the theater arts department, and enjoy the little train ride through life that they portray through acting. 

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