June 12, 2021

College Student Friendly Gift Guide

Bryn Wicklas ‘21 - Staff Reporter

Are you looking for a gift to give a loved one this Christmas season? The broke college student trope is a reality for many of us, yet we all know how precious the right gift can be to beloved family members and friends. Here are a couple frugal gift ideas I’ve whipped up for this holiday season. 

The Underdog Present

You can say a lot with a pair of socks. Yes, they’ve been transformed into a laughable gift over the years because apparently no child wants to open up a gift only to reveal new socks. However, there are some crazy cool socks out on the modern market. You can find a set of socks

to match anyone’s interests and passions. You can even make your own! Haven’t you ever wanted to have your feet warmed by fabric images of your pet, family, or friends? Socks, like scrunchies, are making a comeback, and hopefully the perfect pair of inexpensive socks will be waiting under your loved one’s Christmas tree this year. 

The Gift with a Sarcastic Kick

Depending on the sense of humor of the recipient, a gift with an edge of poking fun can be a wonderful way to spread some Christmas cheer this season. Does your dad take a long time in the bathroom? Get him a bathroom timer set to ten minutes max! It could be multipurpose like an old kitchen timer, a stopwatch, an alarm clock, etc., and make sure to label it. Do you have that one uncle who makes the same jokes every Thanksgiving? Get him a joke book for next November! Gifts can highlight areas of improvement with a carefully sarcastic, yet simultaneously loving touch. 

Handmade Soap from the Heart

Store bought soap can easily be repurposed as a handmade gift if it is frozen with tactful techniques and cunning wit. Use the generic (or especially extravagant) brand of soap on your bathroom sink as a present for any fan of nice smells or individual in need of better hygiene.

Simply find a large square or rectangular ice try—or a cookie cutter in a fun shape—and pour your store bought soap into it. Then, freeze it overnight. Wrap a nice bow around it the next morning and voila! You have a cheap version of a Lush product. Feel free to add some spices or diffuser oils before freezing to create your own scent!

The Thoughtful Tearjerker Worth No Monetary Value

Even though this gift option may seem embarrassing or cringey, expressing your love for someone (almost) never goes wrong. Draw a picture, even if you’re bad at it. Put in some real effort to making a card. Write a poem or piece of prose. Give them an object from a shared memory. Dig up an old childhood toy for your parents and watch as they reminisce upon their now way-too-grown-up child. Find an old picture and frame it. Consider writing something on the back before you put it in the frame. It doesn’t always matter what the gift is; sometimes, the feelings of the recipient are all that matter as they open it. 

The key to gift giving is all about presentation. It doesn’t matter whether or not a gift is useful or expensive. The most important factor is the framework from which you give it. If you’re giving a gift, all you have to do is make the recipient feel loved. Find an item or even a phrase packed with significance and present it to them with care. Whether it be through a laugh, amused eye roll, or thankful tears, make them feel known and you’ll have given them the best gift of all. 

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