April 20, 2021

Team Excels at Regatta

Josh “James” Litman ‘21 - Staff Reporter

The rowing team competes on the Charles River - Photo courtesy of the rowing team

The Gordon College Rowing teams went head to head against thousands of other athletes in the Head of the Charles Regatta. It is the largest two-day regatta in the world, with over 11,000 athletes rowing. Teams race each other down the Charles River in Boston, Mass. Both the Gordon College Rowing Club, along with the Gordon College Rowing Association participated in the event on Oct.19-20.

The Gordon College Rowing Club’s first race was the Women’s Championship Doubles. Gordon women’s team,Naomi Tripp ‘21 and Hallie Nee ‘23 took 14th place, with a time of 22:47.306 minutes. Y Quad Cities took first place with a time of 17:58.190. Arion raced into second place (18:16.999) and Bowside got third (18:24.290). There were 17 boats in the race.

“They did very well,” said coach Madeline Hopkins, “They were much faster than we expected them to be.”

The next race the Gordon College Rowing Club participated in was the Men’s Collegiate Fours. Maxwell Kane ‘23, Emanuel Mouganis ‘22, Grant Veruink ‘20, and Luke Pacchioli ‘22 seized 24th place out of 40 other boats with a time of 17:37.211. UCLA won with a time of 16:19.035, with Orange Coast taking second place (16:31.182), and UC Santa Barbara in third (16:31.386). The collegiate four is all the colleges in the U.S. that get into the regatta.

“Our guys did incredibly well, said Hopkins, “We beat almost all of our rivals. The only one we didn’t beat was Mercyhurst of the schools that we are regularly competing against and are rivals with.” Mercyhurst placed 11th with a time of 16:54.469.

The Gordon College Rowing Club was supposed to participate in the Women’s Lightweight Fours race but did not qualify for the weight requirement.

Emma Shearer ‘22, one of the rowers, said, “We were in the lightweight category, meaning that the people in the boat had to be under a specific weight, so our boat didn’t make the weight.”

Hopkins explained that Gordon is not a sweeping team, but a sculling team. Sculling and sweeping is a form of rowing. In sculling, athletes use two oars, one in each hand. Sweeping rowers use only one oar. After the Men’s Collegiate Four race, Hopkins believed that they could make the switch from sculling to sweeping.

“When we are fast enough that we can switch over and sweep for a race and be in the middle of the pack like that, that’s really exciting for us,” Hopkins said.

The Gordon Rowing Association’s first race was the Mixed Inclusion 2x. Ginger Hubbard and Caleb Bresley rushed into 9th place out of 18 with a time of 24:10.540. CRI took both first and second place, with times of 19:10.426 and 20:01.649, respectively. Ithaca came in third with a time of 21.03.635.

The final race that the Gordon Rowing Association participated in was the Men’s Youth Coxed Quad. They placed 48 out of 48 with a time of 19:04.209. Henley RC took first with a time of 15:53.792, Pocock had second (15:58.456), and RowAmerica Rye third (16.03.095).

“This was one of their first competitions on the world stage against the world’s most elite rowers as a team of underclassmen who had only been rowing together for a short period of time,” said Pacchioli ‘22, who coached the team.  

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