June 12, 2021

Class Doodles – A Healthy Classroom Diversion

Constance Tyne '22 - Staff Reporter

According to the Harvard Medical blog, in a 2009 psychological study, “those that doodled were better at paying attention to the message and recalling… details. They recalled 29% more information [than those who did not doodle].” The study went on to describe that, while definitive reason is still being studied, doodling is likely a fight-or-flight response to your brain needing to stay alert. The article adds, “paying continuous attention places a strain on the brain, and doodling may be just the break your brain needs to keep attending without losing total interest.” 

It should come as no surprise that several of the most successful and intelligent people are doodlers. Historian David Greenberg drafted an entire book documenting the doodles of our United States presidents including doodles from Roosevelt, Raegan, Nixon and Eisenhower. 

So keep working on your class masterpieces. They’re helping you more than you might think! And check out some of your classmates’s expressions of artistry below! 

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