September 29, 2020

Climate Change for Students – What You Can Do

Emilee Claffey ‘22 - Staff Reporter

Climate change is a reality more familiar to us now than ever, but it can still be easy to lose our sense of responsibility because of our great distance from the most threatened areas around the world. The science presented to us can frequently overwhelm our understanding of what climate change is and how we can lessen its effects on our environment. As college students, we are not exempt from making impacts within our community. That being said, there are some practical ways of going about change:

  1. Unplug chargers when not being used to reduce electricity waste.
  2. Reuse bags and bottles (which we do well at Gordon).
  3. Use cold water to wash clothes (saves 6.5 pounds of carbon emissions)
  4. Turn off your computer at night to save 83 percent of carbon emissions. 
  5. Turn off water when brushing our teeth.

The little things make a big difference within the context of applying changes to our lives in order to observe positive differences. While it can seem like the term “climate change” has become a misunderstood and worn-out buzzword, there are ways to enjoy reducing our ‘carbon footprint’ and benefits from conservation efforts.

The most important change we can make to increase our sustainability is for each of us to take the time to become informed so that we are able to effectively inform others. We live in a world where information exists at our fingertips, and without proper exploration, phenomena such as climate change can easily escape our view. Sometimes, we may even be tempted to create a flippant opinion of it after only a short amount of time as a result of confusion or disagreement with the status quo. This serves as a disadvantage, because climate change will inevitably affect our future economically, culturally, and politically.

The climate rallies organized by the Advocates for a Sustainable Future here on Gordon’s campus have demonstrated a passion for climate change by our peers and a desire to share knowledge, exchange ideas and increase the impetus for awareness and discussion. 

The inner workings of climate change are complex, as the students taking The Scientific Enterprise classes know well. But with productive conversations and listening ears, this issue in particular can be understood more fully for the future of our generation and generations to follow. Do not become weary of the recent polarization of climate change, but instead remember that each small action we take as individuals impacts places we may never see, as well as our very own backyards. 

Emilee Claffey ‘22 – Staff Reporter

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