January 20, 2021

Love Column October 2019

Gabriella Picariello

What dating apps would you recommend for Christian college students that are looking for deep, meaningful relationships?

The beginning of a new semester is the perfect time to start something new. Everyone wants a meaningful relationship and in 2019 it’s impossible to date without trying a dating app. In my experience, dating apps work great alongside other techniques, not on their own. I think the purpose of dating apps is not specifically for deep and meaningful relationships, not to say it’s impossible to find that on one on an app. A lot of people have found success on apps with a filter for various traits (height, religion, drug activity, expectations, etc). If you don’t want to spend money on E Harmony I recommend bumble or hinge. But in all honesty if you’re looking for a deep meaningful relationship, put down the phone and look around you. 

What are the best fall date ideas in the area? 

Going on dates are stressful enough, let alone weather that encourages some sort of creativity outside of the classic “Netflix and Chill.” Fall is a beautiful time of the year, who doesn’t love colorful leaves scattering the ground, crisp breezes, and pumpkin spice flavored and scented EVERYTHING? If only relationships could come in pumpkin spice, then my love life would definitely be spicier than it is now. There’s plenty of fun get to know you dates or even fun new adventures with your long-term SO to explore in our little corner of New England. 1. First off is a playful, flirty time for first dates, undefined hangouts with a crush, or the four hundredth date with your SO: Connors Farm in Danvers MA, has a corn maze and farm to table fun that invites a goofy time with someone you don’t mind being trapped in a maze with for a couple of hours. Talk about a date with the perfect fall aesthetic, they have pumpkins, apple picking, carnival food, and a haybales to take cringey basic photos on (I won’t judge, okay I totally will- come on Gordon let’s get a little more creative). Just try not to hit your date in the face with a basketball. The carnival games get aggressive fast… 2. Second fall themed option Russel Orchards a popular pick for Gordon students. This date is perfect for the date you want to turn into a group hang immediately. Too awkward to confront your SO, no problem—you’ll run into so many people you know it will be impossible to have any sort of serious conversation. All jokes aside, this location is awesome for apple picking and fresh bread. If your date likes to eat this is prime realestate. Not to mention hayrides and apple picking that will reconnect you to the huntergatherer in all of us 😉 3. Already over fall? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Be one step ahead and take your date ice skating. It’s never too early to break out the winter gear we have all been storing. Not to mention ice skating McVann’s rink. This date is perfect for holding hands for support, excuses to borrow a sweat top, or even cuddle for body heat on the benches because you both suck at skating. This is a sweet date that is a classic and is just active enough to give you something to talk and laugh about. 4. Like being scared? ODD FLEX, BUT OKAY. Witches, Warlocks, and Wenches nothing screams romance like that. There’s plenty of Halloween and haunted havoc on the Northshore. Grab your date or crush and head down to Salem MA for a cute night on the town. Bonus points if you get cursed on your first date. There’s phenomenal food and live music all throughout Salem and the whole town is decked out for Halloween. If all fails, I bet you can find a love potion to help with your flirting skills. Happy Bewitching! 

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