May 14, 2021

Peer Christian College Closes Main Campus Amidst Financial Distress

By Collin Hall (’21)

Editor In Chief

Nyack College, a school whose history and mission parallels Gordon’s in many ways, announced this morning the closure of its 107-acre campus in Nyack, New York.


Nyack is a small, liberal-arts Christian college about 25 miles north of midtown Manhattan. Like Gordon, the school was once based in a major city before transitioning to a more remote setting. The school announced this morning in a PR statement that its primary campus is going up for sale, and that all operations will shift to the smaller Manhattan campus.


The school has not been primarily located in the city since 1897.


The move is being promoted by the college as a positive change, a ‘return to the schools roots.’ Before the sale of the Nyack campus, the Manhattan campus was largely secondary in size and scope of operation.


Jeff Quin, the vice president of Nyack’s college relations, said in an interview with a Rockland-county area newspaper, The Journal News: “We want to capitalize on the momentum we have in New York City and consolidate all programs in our state-of-the-art facility by Battery Park.”


Alumni spoke out on Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction with the shakeup, as the news is not seen as a positive change by many. The move to the Manhattan campus comes at a time of great financial difficulty for Nyack.


@Gretaenloe tweeted this afternoon: “From what I’ve seen from my time at Nyack College, the move to Manhattan was not a positive one. It was motivated by a lack of money and a preference for the NY campus over their main Nyack location.”


Scott MacDougall tweeted: “As a graduate of both Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary- as well as a former Admissions Counselor at the Rockland Campus- I am saddened by the news that historic Hillside campus will be closing after this year.

I had many great times there and will always treasure the relationships that were forged during that season of my life.”


The change was made public this morning, but The Journal News reports that faculty were made aware of the change Tuesday.


This drastic change at Nyack comes at a time when small liberal arts colleges are finding increasing financial hardship. The story might hit close to home at Gordon, which also has faced financial difficulties at times in its history..


This is not unique to Gordon or Nyack; the Boston Globe reported in August that: “Financial conditions are deteriorating at many of New England’s quintessential small private colleges, with tuition revenue failing to keep up with expenses at more than half of the schools, a Globe review shows.” said in an article this past May that the fight liberal-arts schools are facing is “existential.” 

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