September 27, 2020

“Carry The Love” Touring Ministry Visits Campus

Carry The Love leads worship. Photo by Nate McReynolds.

By Hannah Deane ’20
Staff Reporter

Carry The Love thrilled the Gordon College campus with foot stomping music and brought people to their knees in worship. Carry The Love is a Christian Ministry that seeks to open the hearts of Christians everywhere and bring others to Christ along the way.

The Carry The Love team had noticed a severe decline in the Christian faith once students got to college. The ministry focuses on keeping that faith alive and strong.

Nick Brennt and fellow members of Carry The Love prayed with and for Gordon College students. Brennt provided an excellent ministry according to many Gordon students.

“I liked it. I definitely see the value in [events like these],” said Peter Spangler (‘19) who attended the event.

He continued, “They had a simple message that they wanted to prepare God’s people, the next generation for ministry and service of God’s will. I think it’s a very well founded mission.”

“The one thing they would say is ‘to follow God’s will you just have to step out in obedience’ and I liked that too. I think that was applicable for my life. It’s funny how God does stuff like that.”

Carry The Love ministry’s seeks out and strives to support  young Christians. The team encourages college students who are struggling in their faith or have heard God’s call and need affirmation.

Spangler concluded, “They are extremely passionate about ministry and inspiring future leaders.  In my life up to that point I had been hearing the call of God, and I had been quietly denying it. And the thing that struck me was that to obey the call of God you have to step out in obedience and just say yes.”

Brennt said in a speech during the event “God said he wanted to use me and all I could do was look at the times where I didn’t fit in. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like you totally don’t fit in. I don’t know if you’ve had the feeling where you’ve had conversations but you don’t feel connected.”

He continued, “I was always searching for acceptance. I had a desire to follow God. The voice of rejection made a lot more sense to my life than the voice of God. It’s a little uncomfortable when God gets in our face and says ‘you’. When God tells us who we are it confronts our inadequacy and it confronts our fear.”

Gordon College was only one stop on their 2018 tour to college campuses. Carry The Love is gathering together on two hundred university campuses and spreading the message of Christ.

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